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LS VISION Cctv Cameras Completed Project Installation in Saudi Arabia

On April 2017, LS VISION cctv cameras completed the project installation in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia customer finished installation Fath gas station...

Israel Customer Visited LS VISION

On April 13th 2017, the customer from Israel visited LS VISION. LS VISION CEO Jenny expressed a warm welcome for the customers' arrival. On this day,...

Smart City - Smart Leads the Future

Smart City, is based on the knowledge society next generation innovation (innovation 2.0) of the city information advanced form. make full use of a n...

The Urban Management Law Enforcement Approach Must Wear Police Body Worn Camera

Recently, the People's Republic of China Ministry of lodging and Urban construction - drafted the "urban management law enforcement approach", After...

LS VISION Annual Celebration - Grateful 2016, Looking forward to 2017

After planning, rehearsal, LS VISION Annual Celebration was grand held in Shenzhen Green World Hotel January 7, 2017. In 2016, we grew up a lot, there...

LS VISION IP Cameras Installed In Saudi Arab International Book Fair Project

At the beginning of December 2016, our Saudi Arabian partner completed its latest security project, which installed 40 units megapixel 4mp IP cameras ...

Congratulations to LS Vision for winning the third prize of the International Trade Website Battle

After 60 days hard-working, we finally win the third prize for the BATTLE. This competition was hold by International Trade Association Shenzhen. To e...

Merry Christmas

“Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle all the way~...” With Jingle Bells’ singing, Santa Claus is on his way. We LS VISION wish your all a Merry Chri...
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* Foreign Trade Salesman
Job Responsibility
1. Maintenance operation Alibaba account, Develop and expand overseas market;
2. Reply the new inquiry, and deal the customer email;
3. New product information display, maintenance and update;
4. Deal order, follow-up order progress, delivery the goods as the customer's requirement;
5.  Related business record, analysis and summary;
Job Requirement
1. Priorities will be given to the person who has working experiences in Security Industry;
2. with junior college or above, English, International Trade, Sale and related major;
3. Have 1 year or above working experience in Foreign Trade related area. Be familiar with Foreign Trade and orders managing progress. Have knowledge in related area; 
Have working experience in customer development and market expansion;
4. be familiar with Alibaba and other B2B online sale platform;
5. Have a good skill in English writing and speaking;
6. be familiar with kinds Microsoft Office software;
7. With strong enterprising and team spirit. Work hard, with strong responsibility, with strong pressure resistance;
8. with good professional ethics.
* SEO Specialist
Job Responsibility
1. Assist the superior in develop plan of enterprise brand;
2. Responsible for the daily management and update of enterprise website, Weibo and other company information display platform;
3. Responsible for promotion program of English website, Website SEO, Title and key words;
4. Assisting execute brand promotion job.
Job Requirement
1. Have a certain basic English skill; be familiar with English writing;
2. Be familiar with kinds Microsoft Office software; Priorities will be given to the person who are familiar with Photoshop skill;
3. Working carefully, working patiently, with strong learn ability, be interested in SEO;
4. Have certain knowledge of E-Business platform;
5. with junior college or above. Excellent graduate also will be considered who are interested in E-Business and online promotion.
* Foreign Trade Manager
Job Responsibility
1. In accordance with sale target from company allocation.  Responsible for International Market analysis, Make a sale predict, index analysis and sale plan of Foreign Trade department.
    Ensure to finish sale quest. Make a quantity allocation of develop new custom monthly, and follow up the performance of the allocation;
2. Leading the department to develop and expand the international market. Contact the foreign customs and find the order chance. And lead to business negotiation and sign the contract;
3. Leading the focus on customer orders of Foreign Trade department. And supervise subordinates to deal customs order (Quotation, Contract, Task List and Waybill),
   Ensure focus on customer orders smoothly and all order accuracy;
4. In accordance with market information, Join and assist department person and negotiate with potential and key customers, tracking the order operation. Make a good order engagement.
   Guarantee success rate of key clients and satisfaction of transacted clients.
5. Responsible for the assessment, tracking, management and risk control for foreign trade order;
6.  In accordance with the business team of status, assist the superior to make department train plan and carry out the training. To improve the business team and promote premium growth;
7. Responsible for dealing emergency accidents in contract process.
8. Develop and maintain oversea market. Get information of the industry and development trend;
9. Finish temporary work was assigned by general manager.
Job Requirement
1. Have 2-3 years and above working experience in Foreign Trade Sale and with the experience with management;
2. Have a good skill in English writing and speaking;
3. Have successful experience in Foreign Trade Sale;
4. be familiar with English speaking;
5. with strong market development ability and professional quality.  Have a great sense in business negotiation and customer service.
* Designer
Job Responsibility
1. Responsible for E-Business platform image design;
2. Responsible for promote activity and other related graphic design and support;
3. Responsible for product description page beautification;
4. Responsible for website maintenance and update;
5. Responsible for website design and management and other related work.
Job Requirement
1. Art, graphic design or related major;
2. Have 1 year and above working experience in Web design and graphic design, priorities will be given to the person who have working experience for B2B art design.
3. Proficiency in Photoshop;
4. Be good at communicating with people, Have a good sense in team cooperation and strong responsibility. With Innovative spirit, working carefully, with strong pressure resistance. 
Ensure the working quality and efficiency;
5. Priorities will be given to  the person who Have art design working experience in Taobao, JD and other  E-Business platform.

If you are a person with dream and pursue, we are looking forward to your joining.
If you are a person with dedication, we are looking forward to your joining.
If you are a person with target and direction, we are looking forward to your joining.
We witness miracle of our own with youth and efforts.
We are a happy young team, and we are a pioneer that we dare to struggle.
We are in rapidly growth and development.
We are looking forward to your joining, we are together to achieve common dream.

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