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Congratulations to LS Vision for winning the third prize of the International Trade Website Battle

  • Author:LS VISION
  • Release on :2016-12-27
After 60 days hard-working, we finally win the third prize for the BATTLE. This competition was hold by International Trade Association Shenzhen. To encourage members of International Association to improve our own website to get more business.

There were eighteen companies’ website were blank at the very beginning. But after the competition, their websites are worth reading. During the competition, we uploaded new products to our website everyday. And we also edited articles about our products and about how to make home safer etc. Besides this we also did a lot of SEO works.

Opportunities always come to those who are prepared. Yeeeeep! We got more business. Though the 60-day work is hard, but like the old saying No pains no gains, we harvested a lot.

In the Award Conference, when the host announced that we won the third prize, everything became so worth to do. Then the host invited one of our colleague to share our experience. Linda shared her methods to everyone. Other companies also shared theirs. When one idea was shared, it became more than one. For International Trade companies like us, we should not only improve our products, but also need to improve our WINDOW like website. Only when customers see us, they can have the chance to use those good products.

We will improve our service as usual. Thanks for your understanding and support.

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