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How Can Hotels Step Up Security

  • Author:LS VISION-Ella
  • Release on :2016-04-07

Several hotels, have become targets of terror attacks in the recent times. Experts advice that the impact of a lot of such attacks could have been reduced had adequate security solutions been in place.

More specifically, hotels could have prevented a number of issues if early detection systems were in place, It will be much easier to deal with the terrorists when threats are detected early than dealing with them in a hostage situation.

LS VISION latest H.265 5x2MP Megapixel IR Night Vision 360 Degree Panoramic IP Camera

Most of the terrorist attacks which happened recently showed that the terrorists didn’t find lots of difficulties to enter the hotel premises, and therefore we can conclude that earlier detection could have saved many lives (Yitel Attacks, etc.) Security systems can help in early detection, and could save many lives if used correctly. We must encourage the hospitality sectors to use extensively the latest early detection methods, e.g., facial detection, vehicle license plates and to match any wanted terrorist and trigger alarm before the terrorist enter the premises.
Analytics and Access Control Systems
To counter these issues, experts point out certain key innovative solutions that are either being implemented or should be implemented. For example, using video analytics software, hotels can try to make the security system more proactive. This means there is no need for guards to be present at all locations all the time. The analytic solution can alert the security operation when a threat is detected. This saves costs while maintaining security.

Strong access control systems, especially those that make use of biometrics, also play a major role in the hotel industry. Experts pointed out that biometrics are ideally used in controlling access to specific areas and for time attendance. This not just helps hotels to keep track of the movement of people, but also assists in improving business operations. Solutions like License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems should also come in handy as it will help monitor the outer areas of the hotels and the streets.

Our LS VISION latest H.265 5x2MP Megapixel IR Night Vision 360 Degree Panoramic IP Camera is worth your consideration:
A sensor based on 5 mosaic 360 degree panoramic view;
Efficient and economical single mode of installation of industrial grade high quality optical lens;
supported by the digital level rotation / vertical rotation / zoom view multiple regions;
5x2.0MP@30fps or 10.0MP@30fps resolution;
By H.265/H.264 High Profile video compression technology, with high compression ratio;
ICR infrared filter automatic switching, realize the monitoring day and night;
Support Web and client software correction;
Support maximum Micro SD/SDHC /SDXC 128G card local storage;
To adapt to different temperature and humidity of the outdoor scene monitoring environment;
Support IP66 grade waterproof and dust, IK10 anti riot grade design 

LS VISION latest H.265 5x2MP Megapixel IR Night Vision 360 Degree Panoramic IP Camera

In a word, this panoramic camera is able to put hotel customers at ease, assured that they are well-protected.

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