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LS VISION Hisilicon / Ingenic Solution CCTV Camera Monitoring Effect Comparison in the Day and Night

Hisilicon / Ingenic Solution Monitoring Effect Comparison in the Daytime: Hisilicon 323 CCTV camera monitoring image is more clearly, the color is mo...

LS VISION, Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, Dissemination of National Culture

Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, Dissemination of National Culture The Dragon Boat Festival, also often known as the Duanwu Festival,The Dragon Boa...

LS VISION Cctv Cameras Completed Project Installation in Saudi Arabia

On April 2017, LS VISION cctv cameras completed the project installation in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia customer finished installation Fath gas station...

Israel Customer Visited LS VISION

On April 13th 2017, the customer from Israel visited LS VISION. LS VISION CEO Jenny expressed a warm welcome for the customers' arrival. On this day,...

Smart City - Smart Leads the Future

Smart City, is based on the knowledge society next generation innovation (innovation 2.0) of the city information advanced form. make full use of a n...

The Urban Management Law Enforcement Approach Must Wear Police Body Worn Camera

Recently, the People's Republic of China Ministry of lodging and Urban construction - drafted the "urban management law enforcement approach", After...

LS VISION Annual Celebration - Grateful 2016, Looking forward to 2017

After planning, rehearsal, LS VISION Annual Celebration was grand held in Shenzhen Green World Hotel January 7, 2017. In 2016, we grew up a lot, there...

LS VISION IP Cameras Installed In Saudi Arab International Book Fair Project

At the beginning of December 2016, our Saudi Arabian partner completed its latest security project, which installed 40 units megapixel 4mp IP cameras ...
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LS VISION Love Foundation

  • Author:LS VISION-Linda
  • Release on :2016-06-13
What's LS VISION", L ---"Love", S --- "Security", V---"Vision".

LS VISION - Leading Security Video Surveillance Solution Provider of CCTV Camera, "Only for Quality Life" as the enterprise core concept and culture of LS VISION, "Quality, Innovation and Dedication" as our core value.
LS VISION not only committed to providing the best security products and service, but also we insist on to the community dedication and environmental protection.

LS VISION is not just a company, but also a team. we are not only a team, but also a family filled with love and dedication. so in the 2012, we have founded "LS VISION Love Foundation" to help and support the poor, spread love to the world. such as compassion donation, support poor children in mountain area and other social welfare activities.

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