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LS VISION awarded the Title of Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprises

Recently, the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee issued a document published the "2017 Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprises" the award-win...

LS VISION CCTV Security Project for third Jeddah International Book Fair has Finished

—12 December, 2017, the third Jeddah International Book Fair has been successfully held on Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 12 December, 2017, Literati and glit...

LS VISION 2017 Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival Wishes and Notice

Dear customer, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great support. As 2017 Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival will ...

Face Recognition System has Opened the "Brush Face Withdrawal" Times

Public concern of iPhone X using FACEID focus on the face recognition has not yet disappeared, the news have refreshed that Agricultural Bank of China...

What is the Role of Smart Home on Life?

With the development of science and technology, intelligent products are being quietly into the home to provide convenience to people's service and hi...

Unattended Convenience Store, New Trends in Retail Industry

7*24 Hours, Unattended and Smart convenience, To open a new time of Convenience Store. December 2016, Amazon Go have presented a new supermarket conce...

License Plate Recognition System will lead the New Trend of Intelligent Traffic Development

With the advent of smart, 21st century will be a road traffic smart century, how to use the technology function of smart traffic, alleviate the growin...

Parking Lot Management System: from Tradition to Unattended Times.

According to the statistics, currently, most of the parking lot use artificial charges, the labor costs of management member are increasing, and perso...
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LS VISION Love Foundation

  • Author:LS VISION-Linda
  • Release on :2016-06-13
What's LS VISION", L ---"Love", S --- "Security", V---"Vision".

LS VISION - Leading Security Video Surveillance Solution Provider of CCTV Camera, "Only for Quality Life" as the enterprise core concept and culture of LS VISION, "Quality, Innovation and Dedication" as our core value.
LS VISION not only committed to providing the best security products and service, but also we insist on to the community dedication and environmental protection.

LS VISION is not just a company, but also a team. we are not only a team, but also a family filled with love and dedication. so in the 2012, we have founded "LS VISION Love Foundation" to help and support the poor, spread love to the world. such as compassion donation, support poor children in mountain area and other social welfare activities.

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