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National Day holiday, it is your second pair of eyes

Immediately is the National Day holiday, I believe a lot of small partners have been excited intolerable, and long wanted to go to where to travel, tourism routes have been planned. Even some people leave for the company, has set out on the road. People left but left unattended small home, which allows many thieves get a good chance of theft.

According to statistics, the frequency of theft during the National Day significantly increased. There have been many residents during the National Day travel home and found home stolen, because the home is not installed surveillance camera, so can not find a thief. There is no relevant clues, the police are difficult to solve the case, residents only bear their own losses. On the contrary if the home installed surveillance cameras, it is your second pair of eyes. You can also see the home when the implementation of the screen, when a thief when you can promptly report to the police. Even if you do not see the monitor screen in time, back home can also see the thieves steal the screen, providing clues to the police, I believe they will quickly find the case and retrieve your belongings.

During the National Day, the highway traffic is very large, often some people will drink driving, fatigue driving, so traffic accidents will occur. After the occurrence of traffic accidents to determine the responsible person, the person in charge is not clear, we need a second pair of eyes to help us determine. On the highway equipped with a variety of surveillance cameras, there is always a captured the traffic accident screen, we can let the highway police out of the screen at that time to determine the responsible person.

Travel will take a lot of luggage, luggage is also a lot of thieves prey. They will turn when you quietly put away your luggage, which may have your wallet and documents, no documents and wallet where you can not go. When this happens, you should immediately alarm the staff, at all major stations and passports are installed a full range of surveillance cameras, through the surveillance screen can quickly locate the location of the thief and retrieve your luggage.

During the National Day, their own and property to do security measures to prevent accidents or loss of property. Finally, I wish you all have a happy National Day holiday.

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