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Is It Worth Getting An Investment On Solar Mounting System? | LS VISION

April 20, 2023
Is It Worth Getting An Investment On Solar Mounting System? | LS VISION

Solar panels have been increasingly recognized as a viable and sustainable source of energy in recent years. With the increasing demand for sustainable energy sources, solar panels have become a popular choice for a wide range of applications. In this blog, we will explore some of the different ways solar panels are being used today.

Power Supply Voltage of Solar Security Camera

It’s really important that the power supply voltage of battery/solar power kit matches that of wireless security cameras.

If it’s not supplied with the proper power voltage, the DIY solar security camera either won’t work or even be burnt or fried.

General speaking, outdoor wireless IP security cameras run either 12V or 24V power. For example, a 12V wireless security camera can’t be powered by a 24V battery or power source.

Besides, if you want to power an AC-powered WiFi outdoor camera with a DC solar battery, you need a device that will convert DC to AC, or vice verse.

A power inverter changes a certain DC input voltage into a completely different AC output voltage (either higher or lower).

Residential Applications:

One of the most common applications of solar panels is for residential use. Many homeowners are installing solar panels on their rooftops in order to reduce their reliance on the electrical grid and lower their monthly electricity bills. Solar panels are able to generate enough electricity to power a home, with excess energy being stored in batteries for use during the night or on cloudy days.

Commercial Applications:

Solar panels are also being used in commercial settings. Large solar panel arrays are being installed on rooftops and in fields to power factories, offices, and other commercial buildings. Many businesses are also using solar panels to power their signs and lighting, reducing their energy costs and carbon footprint.

Agricultural Applications:

In rural areas, solar panels are being used to power irrigation systems and other agricultural equipment. This is especially beneficial in developing countries, where many farmers lack access to reliable electricity. With solar panels, farmers are able to power their equipment and irrigate their crops without incurring high energy costs.

Transportation Applications:

Solar panels are also being used to power various forms of transportation. For example, solar-powered cars are able to run entirely on solar energy, making them an excellent choice for eco-conscious drivers. Solar panels are also being used to power boats, airplanes, and even drones, allowing them to travel long distances without needing to refuel.


In conclusion, solar panels have a wide range of applications and are being increasingly used in various fields. From residential to commercial, agricultural, and transportation settings, solar panels are proving to be a sustainable and effective source of renewable energy. As technology continues to improve and the cost of solar panels continues to decrease, we can expect to see even more innovative uses of this powerful energy source.

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