Network IP Camera Common Troubleshooting Method

1. Infrared HD IP Camera Works Normally During the Day, but There is No Signal at Night.

Reason: The power supply is insufficient. Since the infrared light is turned on at night, the infrared light will consume a certain amount of current. If the power quality is not good, the power supply will be insufficient, resulting in the HD network camera not starting normally.

Solution: Replace the current power supply and replace it with a good quality power supply.

2. HD Network Camera are frequently dropped in Uncertainty

Reason 1: The camera adopts centralized power supply mode. The requirements of the high-definition network camera for the power adapter are relatively higher than those of the analog camera. It requires a relatively stable voltage and current, and the voltage and current are unstable due to centralized power supply. The HD network camera can’t be restarted or started.

Solution: Change to a separate power supply and use a better quality power supply

Reason 2: The quality of the network cable is poor. The high-definition video requires relatively high network transmission rate. Therefore, the network packet loss will be very obvious. For example, the cable is often dropped, and the image is not displayed at all.

Solution: use the national standard pure copper cable

Reason 3: The distance between the HD IP Camera and the switch, or between the switch and the switch, or between the switch and the IP camera or HD NVR is more than 100 meters.

Solution: You can add a switch with relay function in the middle no more than 100 meters, or use fiber transmission.
The connection with Network camera and hd nvr

Reason 4: The IP address conflict between the HD Network Camera and other network devices in the LAN.

Solution: Modify the IP address of the Security Network Camera or other network device to ensure that the IP address does not conflict.

Reason 5: The bandwidth of the network switch is insufficient.

Solution: If the number of HD network cameras is large, it is recommended to use H3C full Gigabit switches. Please note that not only the central switch adopts Gigabit, but if the front-end switch has more than 7 cameras, it is also recommended to use Gigabit switches.
The connection with POE Network Camera, Poe HD Nvr and Poe Switch


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