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New Product 360 Degree Panoramic IP Camera Says Hello to Everyone

Hey, I see you. Wherever you are I can still see you. You may ask who am I, so I will make a brief self-introduction for you.

Panoramic 360° HD surveillance video camera, a new product from VISIONE LS, is a high-technology outdoor digital camera. Generally speaking, it can monitor everywhere you put the camera in. The sensor of the camera is based on 5 Mosaic 360 degree panoramic view. And each of them is 3.0MP @30fps or 15.0MP @30fps resolution. And with the help of /H.264 high profile video compression technology, the image effect is wonderful to view. And even more the camera support web and client software connection which you can operate it anywhere at anytime. The camera can work in different temperature and humidity of the outdoor scene monitoring environment. If it rains, it’s okay. You don’t need to worry about the water things. The camera support IP66 grade waterproof and dust.

LS VISION panorama ip camera for factory monitoring

Just imagine, you are on vacation at the Hawaii beach with your beautiful wife and cute kids. And you are thinking about your properties, it breaks the romantic environment. But if you got a 360 Degree Panoramic CCTV Camera in your home, all you need is to take out your mobile phone and check the App for the camera. You can easily monitor everything happening in your home. This is cool right ?

So why are you still waiting there? Click here to buy one and you can enjoy your vacations without any worries. Go for it buddy! I’m just right here waiting for you.

LS VISION panoramic video camera for traffic monitoring


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