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Face Recognition System has Opened the "Brush Face Withdrawal" Times

September 20, 2017
Public concern of iPhone X using FACEID focus on the face recognition has not yet disappeared, the news have refreshed that Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) ATM launched brush face Withdrawal. Recently, the Agricultural Bank of China issued a notice and asked the national promotion. ATM machine installed face recognition system. As one of the China's four largest banks, the Agricultural Bank of China measures will undoubtedly pushed the application of face recognition in financial banking industry to a new peak.

It is reported that the Agricultural Bank of China "brush face withdrawals" all using the latest infrared living body detection technology,  The object is identified by capturing 60, 106, or even more than 200 key points on the human face. The process: the camera detects a human face, grab a qualified Pictures (key point), The system automatically adjust the picture up and down or left and right tilt, generate eigenvalues, and the original data a comparison, identification. It is reported that this detection time is 0.5 seconds, the recognition rate over 99%. In this technology, the device can detect whether is a living body or a photo or a video In front of the machine.  Of course, the technical staff also said that when identified, identification staff need to look up and down no more than 30 degrees, left and right shaking his head no more than 45 degrees to quickly identify.

This 1: 1 recognition method relative to 1: N, or even N: N recognition, the data pressure really will be relatively small, which is why the bank can be extended in a large area.

In view of this, the future of the process of bank money will become like this:
1) click on the Agricultural Bank ATM upper right corner "brush face withdrawals";
2) according to the operating rules, face alignment camera;
3) Enter the phone number or identity card number;
4) Enter the withdrawal amount and password;
5) ATM cash out automatically, complete withdrawal.


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