Happy Lunar New Year

农历新年是基于中国阴阳历的假期,在全球范围内都有庆祝。 Lunar New Year is a holiday based on the Chinese lunisolar calendar and is celebrated worldwide.
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Lunar New Year is a holiday based on the Chinese lunisolar calendar and is celebrated worldwide.


What does Lunar New Year mean?


It is commonly known as new year, new year and new year's day. It is also known as Chinese New Year and Chinese New Year. The Spring Festival has a long history, which evolved from the worship of the first year in ancient times. This is the beginning of all things and the meaning of all rebirth, from which a new reincarnation begins.


Who celebrates Lunar New Year?


Chinese people all over the world, every household in China pastes curtains, sets off firecrackers, lights and decorations, and makes all kinds of delicious food. Relatives and friends wish each other new year, the children are most happy, immersed in a lively and detailed atmosphere.


From the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar, but generally at least until the 15th of the first month before the end of the new year. Celebrate half a month to 20 days.


What does year of the ox mean?


The zodiac, also known as the zodiac, is a Chinese Zodiac with twelve Earthly Branches to match the birth year of twelve animals, including rats, cattle, tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, sheep, monkeys, chickens, dogs, pigs.The twelve zodiac animals are not only integrated into Chinese life as ordinary creatures, but their natural habits are endowed with a lot of cultural significance, from animals to deities, to be respected and worshipped. Only the combination of natural creatures and cultural deities can form a complete impression of animals in the Chinese zodiac.


There will be a lot of Chinese food in the Chinese new year, such as longevity noodles, Nian Gao, B á NH ch ư ng, dumpings

LSVISION 的小伙伴们提前结束假期,来到公司一起庆祝新年。在新的一年里,祝福全球的客户平安健康,生意兴隆。LSVISION 全体员工会继续努力,为全球的客户提供高品质,智能家居,安防监控产品和解决方案。


Lsvision's friends end their holiday ahead of time and come to the company to celebrate the new year. In the new year, we wish our customers all over the world peace, health and prosperous business. Lsvision staff will continue to work hard to provide high-quality, smart home, security monitoring products and solutions for customers all over the world.

Wish our earth will be better and better, and our partners all over the world will live a safe, healthy and happy life.


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