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Is the epidemic out of control again?Chinese’s companies”LSVISION“helps India fight the epidemic

May 08, 2021

Since late March this year, India’s corona virus has worsened again. After mid-April, India’s Newly confirmed cases in a single day set a world recordmore than 300,000 on several consecutive days. In this regard, Rakesh Mishra, director of the Cell and Molecular Biology Center of the Indian Council of Science and Industrial Research, once analyzed that : The main reason for the second wave of the epidemic in India is the lack of public epidemic prevention and failure to strictly follow the epidemic prevention regulations such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. Narendra Taneja, spokesperson of Indias ruling Bharatiya Janata Party , also said on the 29th : The government should bear the greatest responsibility for the out-of-control epidemic. Some members of the party were too optimistic about the epidemic in early 2021.

How long will the epidemic continue in India? According to the epidemic model, Indian experts have predicted that the corona virus in India will reach its peak in May, when the number of new confirmed cases in India will reach 500,000 every day. In India, due to the shortage of medical resources, there are many people who cannot be hospitalized or even accepted the corona virus test. The lack of supplies, lack of oxygen, lack of beds, etc. are indeed imminent. Many countries also provide India with oxygen generators, medicines, protective equipment and vaccines. And other materials.

The lack of oxygen has made the medical environment for confirmed cases in India particularly severe, and the demand for these prevention and control materials is very urgent. Previously, LSVISION developed a series of products on thermal imaging camera and face recognition camera detection system in response to the epidemic prevention and control situation, including oxygen generators etc.  For the AI binocular temperature measurement product Composed of AI binocular temperature measurement smart camera and AI thermal imaging screening system software. human body temperature scanner camera integrates a high-precision thermal imaging temperature measurement sensor, a built-in intelligent facial capture algorithm, and an AI smart product that integrates ISP image processing technologies. It has powerful functions such as face detection, body temperature detection, and face capture. With AI thermal imaging screening system software, it can accurately capture the body temperature and face pictures of people passing through the camera's field of view. It can effectively help users monitor the body temperature of people entering and exiting, and help prevent epidemics.

The Chinese government and people firmly support the Indian government and people in fighting the epidemic. Domestic companies are also actively cooperating to facilitate the purchase of all kinds of anti-epidemic materials needed by India, and provide the necessary support and assistance to India so that the epidemic can be brought under control as soon as possible.


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