LS VISION 2018 Year Work Summary and the 2019 Year Work Planning Meeting

January 30, 2019
Looking back on 2018, the core word is change. In 2018, the company is undergoing changes and migration, The rules and directions of the platform are constantly changing and updating, The society of the times is changing, and even the entire global economy has undergone earth-shaking changes. Only by trying and communicating more will have new ideas and new discoveriese. Only by embracing change can we embrace the future. The only constant in the world is change. The development of enterprises and the work of employees need to cope with the current trend of the times. Enterprises face development in the face of the times, insist on continuous innovation, and find coping strategies.

2018 has ended and 2019 is coming. On January 19, 2019, in the ever-changing, LS VISION ushered in the 2018 work summary and the 2019 work planning meeting.

At this meeting, each colleague made a year-end summary of the work in 2018, a summary of the problems in one year's work, a vision and work plan for 2019, and finally each colleague commented on the summary of the speakers, giving the suggestions and improvement for spokesperson in job and life. Each department makes recommendations to the company and expectations for 2019, for example:
1. Strictly check the details and quality of the products before shipment;
2. Improve the accuracy of product specifications sheet and try to be 100% correct;
3. In case of product after-sales problems, technical support can propose a solution to eliminate and solve problems at one time, so as to avoid waiting for customers to wait for a long time.;
4. 100% strict control of product quality, making the LS VISION brand image worthy of the name. When there are new colleagues, they are strictly trained and learn LS VISION quality and brand awareness.

After all the employees finished speaking, and finally the CEO's year-end summary speech, CEO Jenny mainly made the final speech on the following aspects, such as the achievements of the company in 2018, what work was done, how to improve the competitiveness of the company, Make macro plans for the operation and development of enterprises in 2019.

Regarding LS VISION, Jenny reiterates LS VISION's corporate values:
1. Corporate Values: Only For the Quality Life;
2. Corporate Core: Quality, Innovation, Dedication;
3. Corporate Vision: First-class Brand, Partners' Platform;
4. Team Values: Striver as the Core; Continuous Learning; Work Hard, Happy Life; Embrace Change;
5. How to build Enterprise Competitiveness: First-class products, excellent service, first-class team, first-class brand

In 2019, Macro Plan for LS VISION operation and development. Jenny mainly planned from three aspects: platform operation, brand globalization and product planning:
1. Platform: Entering the Alibaba brand area; Facebook brand page
2. Brand Globalization: Expand brand global agency area, mainly in the region of Asia and Africa
3. Product Planning: Face recognition camera, humanity detection camera,Artificial intelligence, intelligent analysis; 4G cameras and 4K ultra-hd cameras, consumer cameras, such as wireless nvr kits and smart home products

Finally, Jenny offered wishes to every employee at the conference, hoping to build a more active, positive and creative team, so in 2019, LS VISION will hold a reading session every month to keep employees at work. Keep learning; in 2019, the company will hold a birthday party every month, so that every employee can feel the home warmth in the team; in 2019, there will be an outdoor event every month, I hope every employee will work hard. At the same time, you must live happily.

At the end of the summary, we ushered in the enthusiasm of this conference, the expectations and surprises of the award ceremony: sales champion award, best cooperation award, annual progress award, best technology award, annual professional award, etc., encourage this dedicated employees who have worked hard in their positions over the years.

Summarizing the past and looking forward to the future, we are here in 2019, working hard and living happily. At the beginning of the 2019, we will uphold the corporate values of “Only For the Quality Life” and the corporate core concept “Quality, Innovation, Dedication”. Embrace change, and move forward. To provide customers with better products and services, together to create a better tomorrow for us.


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