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Many homes today are fitted with security cameras and sensors to alert the owners if someone is moving on their property, or it is a family member, a ...
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Many homes today are fitted with security cameras and sensors to alert the owners if someone is moving on their property, or it is a family member, a mail carrier or an intruder. Chinese company LS VISION has prepared many kinds of products that can help you to protect your family and your property.

First thing we should know that is what we use the smart things for.  The smart p2p camera can let parents at work know that their children have returned home from school, or that a package has been delivered at their door. It can also let them know if an unknown person has trespassed on their property.You can see your family members on the APP in mobile phone through the camera home. You can talk to them at anytime if your phone connected to the Internet. Of course every time when someone come in to the house, the smart camera send information to the owner’s smartphone. And all above is only a very simple use of a single ip camera.

We also have smart DVR or NVR recorder system for Android or IOS. Good news is that many smart products will come to you soon. We are sure that you will have a safe and quality life with our LS VISION products.

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