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  • Q: Why my 4G cameras offline?
    First,restart cameras and powered on the cameras by a 5V 2A power supply then check if whether the blue light is always on or not.
    Second,Change the SIM card from different operators, check again if the blue light of the camera on or not. If it still cannot work, please format the memory card and insert it into the camera again.
    Make the camera run for 10 minutes, send supplier the log file from memory card ask supplier analyze the file.
    Third,If you can use another operator card but the customer insists on using the original operator's card, turn off the phone's wifi. Insert the 4G traffic card used by the camera into an Android phone, go to the Google store to download the software Cellular-Z, and then transfer the frequency band information displayed on the app to supplier.
     After the frequency band information is sent back, check mobile phone settings-send back the screenshot of the APN information.
     (If need an account password in the APN information, clients need to contact the operator to provide the password for confirmation. )
    After sending it back, LS VISION will make an APN upgrade package for customer to upgrade.
    At the same time, customer need contact local operator to confirm whether the local operator will restrict this 4G device.
  • Q: Why does the power of the camera drop very fast?
    Whether the cameras is often triggered (plug in the TF card to check whether the video is often recorded on TF card or not), turn on the camera, and see if the signal is full or not. Check whether the solar panels are fully exposed to the sun? and local temperature is relatively low. Also pls  share your camera ID to LS VISION enginer's account:, then LS VISION check.
    If it is caused by high-frequency triggering, you can reduce the PIR sensitivity, or set the arming time.
    If it is due to the wrong installation position or angle, resulting in insufficient exposure to sunlight, please adjust the installation position and angle, if it is not possible, add a bracket and an extension cable.
    If it is caused by a signal problem, change the installation location or directly replace the card of the operator with a good signal.
    If it is caused by temperature, it is normal for some capacity to drop. When the temperature rises and the flowers bloom in spring, the capacity of the battery will also rise synchronously and return to normal.
  • Q: Can the low-power camera be set to 24-hour recording mode?
    S09, S10, S11, S12, these low-power models all support 24-hour constant power recording. You can choose not to sleep in the sleep time setting, but it may automatically switch back to low power consumption after a few days. model. If you need to switch back to the normal power mode again, you need to manually set the non-sleep mode again. It is recommended to choose the S40 model, which will switch to low power consumption mode at 20% power, but will automatically switch back to normal power mode when it is charged to 40%.
  • Q: Image not quite clear?
    If the image is not clear, you can check it according to the following steps.
    1. Turn on the app, select HD.
    2. Make sure that the camera is fixed and cannot be held by hand, as holding it will affect the picture quality.
    3. No backlight.
    4. There is no foreign matter in the lens.
    If you still have questions, pls share camera ID to LS VISION engineer
  • Q: Why camera didn't record the alarm?
    1. Check whether TF card recording mode.
    2. Check whether the capacity of the TF card is displayed normally. If the capacity is not displayed normally, please refer to Q6.
    3. Whether the PIR human body detection function is turned on or not, it needs to be turned on to detect and alarm normally.
    4. Whether the arming time is clicked to open, you need to set 00:00-24:00 and check it to detect the alarm normally.
    5. Pay attention to the detection distance (it is not recommended to exceed 10 meters, this distance is the distance from the camera to the measured location).
  • Q: Cannot read memory card?
    1. If it is displayed that the memory card is not inserted, please turn off the power, insert and remove the memory card once, and then turn it on again to check. If the problem cannot be solved after repeated several times, please contact technical support.
    2. If it shows that the memory card is not formatted, just click Format.
    3. Make sure the memory card has a capacity of 128G or less and the file format is FAT32.
  • Q: The camera does not push the alarm.
    1. Mobile phone brand issues: Huawei, OPPO, vivo, and OnePlus brand mobile phones, because when clearing the background, the Ubox app process will be cleared together, resulting in failure to push to mobile phones, and other domestic niche brands It has not been included yet, but it cannot be ruled out that this will happen. The specific performance is that when the app is in the background, the push is normal, but once the background is cleared, the app cannot be pushed. This kind of problem cannot be solved fundamentally. The conventional solution is to keep the app permanently in the background. When cleaning the background, the mobile phone system will automatically avoid these apps that are fixed in the background. But every time the phone is turned off and restarted, the app needs to be manually started once, and it can be closed manually.
    2. When the camera push is turned off, there will be a bell-like icon on the camera list of the app. If it is turned off, the camera alarm will no longer be pushed to the mobile phone, and only the local alarm video will be saved.
    2. When the camera push is turned off, there will be a bell-like icon on the camera list of the app. If it is turned off, the camera alarm will no longer be pushed to the mobile phone, and only the local alarm video will be saved.
    The camera itself has no alarm, so there is no push, please refer to Q 5.
    1.1. Make sure that the camera has alarm recording, which means that the camera has indeed alarmed. Recordings will be marked as "Activity Occurred". If not, please refer to Q5
    Confirm that the bell of the corresponding camera on the camera list on the app is not closed, if it is closed, please open it.
    Set the permissions of the mobile app through the guidance of the app, confirm that the notification permissions, self-start permissions, power saving strategies, and avoid background clearing processes have all been set correctly.
    If the above has been done, it may be that the app cannot stay in the background permanently due to the mobile phone system. You can try to open the app and return the app to the background, but do not clear the background. If the push still cannot be performed, please contact technical support. If you can push normally at this time, it is because of the mobile phone system that the background push cannot be performed. Please open the app and manually set it to lock the app in the background, and do not manually close it. Here is an example of Xiaomi mobile phone:
    ① After opening the app, enter the cleaning background interface
    ②Long press this, there will be an interface prompting whether to lock, click to lock
    ③ After locking, there will be a picture as shown in the figure. Note, please do not manually close it. The lock only takes effect when the background application is automatically cleared, and it does not affect manual clearing
  • Q: The camera cannot alarm.
    1. Please confirm that the detection position is not more than 10 meters away from the camera, not less than 0.5 meters, and the camera image can see people normally.
    2. Please make sure to tear off the protective film on the PIR. Otherwise it will also lead to trigger insensitivity.
    3. Check whether the human body detection function and arming time on the camera are set correctly. Human detection sensitivity is set to High. Select 00:00-24:00 for arming time and check it.
    4. If the alarm still fails after the above methods are performed, please contact technical support.

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