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How to choose a smart camera? Recommend 1080P HD camera

July 09, 2021

Time goes back 10 years. If anyone can install a surveillance camera, he must be very wealthy. With the rapid development of technology nowadays, some high-end surveillance equipment that once seemed to have become close to the people. Ordinary families also can afford it. Some dollars can be used to guard the house, remotely care for the old and young, and have a wide range of functions, and some can even play live broadcasts. Then, as home smart cameras begin to enter the homes of ordinary people and are gradually being used as the home artifacts of more and more families, how to choose a reliable home surveillance product is particularly important. 

Traditional monitoring wiring is troublesome, and the emergence of smart cameras has greatly facilitated the use of monitoring. As one of the important core equipment of video surveillance, cameras have undergone tremendous changes from the first generation to the present. From black and white to color, from ordinary cameras to current all-in-ones, smart cameras, etc., its wide dynamic, low illumination, resolution, signal-to-noise ratio and other technical indicators have also improved rapidly, but its basic principles have hardly changed. The mainstream technology in the camera mainly involves indicators such as wide dynamic, intelligent analysis, high-definition, and low illumination. The camera has also developed from two or three intelligent analysis functions such as motion detection and video occlusion introduced in 2011 to today. Almost all mainstream manufacturers’ cameras have more than 10 standard intelligent functions. Of course, these intelligent functions are currently standard. Most of them are generally found in high-end industry products. Users can watch it directly on their mobile phones, and can also be conveniently used to care for children, the elderly and pets at home. It can also be used as an excellent tool for nursing homes and preventing theft.


Speaking of product selection, common monitoring systems now have certain requirements for clarity. As long as general monitoring can have a general understanding of the monitoring area, can identify animals, people, vehicles, colors, behaviors, directions, etc., make a basic Just judge, there is no requirement for face recognition or license plate recognition. For example, looking at the square, the scenic area, and the environment. But nowadays, the first choice for surveillance products is high-definition, and everything is clear. Secondly, the wireless connection must be smooth and not stuck. At the same time, the APP is very powerful, and the built-in functions must be as comprehensive as possible, and all night vision cruise tracking and alarms must be available. 

The camera resolutions on the market are mainly 720P and 1080P. There have been cameras with 480P resolution before. Although it is cheap, the resolution is too low and the picture looks very blurry. It is a low-end product that is "out of date". It’s rare to see it. The 720P resolution image quality can reach the quasi-HD level, which is actually enough for home users. However, with the continuous iterative update of smart camera products, smart cameras that support 1080P have taken the mainstream position. In order to make the video look clearer, The 1080P version of the smart camera can be said to be the current first choice. And now 1080P resolution high-definition cameras account for a large proportion of security high-definition cameras. Usually the screen resolution of 1080P is 1920×1080, which is 2 million pixels. Now each manufacturer and brand page has its own 1080P/2 million pixel camera products, which is also a mainstream choice.

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