Why Solar Panel Security Camera is a Smart Choice | LS VISION

December 05, 2022
Why Solar Panel Security Camera is a Smart Choice | LS VISION

There are Many Obvious Benefits of Getting Solar Panel Security Cameras


Solar Panel Security Cameras Reduce Your Energy Cost

Reduce your energy cost with our Solar panel security cameras.


Solar powered cameras are becoming a new trend in the world of surveillance. The reason is simple, they can help you monitor your home or business while requiring no electricity whatsoever! This type of camera is excellent for remote locations where there's no power outlet or even just as an added security measure in case of a power outage.


Solar energy is the natural energy that is available for use. The sun is responsible for producing heat, and light and plants grow from sunlight. Electricity can also be generated using it. Solar energy can be converted into electricity using photovoltaic panels or solar panels which convert sunlight into electricity.


Solar panel security cameras include everything you need to get started: solar panel, camera, and cables. Just connect the included cables, mount the panel on your wall or roof (depending on which one you choose), and place the camera wherever you want to see what's happening around your house or business.




Solar Panel Security Cameras are Better for the Environment


A lot of people don’t realize that solar energy is better for the environment than traditional energy sources, and that includes security cameras. The reason for this is that solar panels are made from renewable resources, and they don’t use any harmful chemicals in their production. Solar panels are better for the environment because they produce zero emissions. Their energy comes from the sun, so there's no need to generate electricity from polluting sources like coal or oil. 


And if you want to be even greener, then you can use these systems as an opportunity to install more efficient lighting in your home or office – something that will save money over time as well!




Solar Panel Security Cameras are Easy to Install and Low Maintenance


For those of us who love the idea of having a security camera at home, but don't have the time or money to install it, a solar panel security camera option is a great alternative. There are lots of benefits to having one of these cameras in your home, including:


Easy installation: Solar panel security cameras are easy to set up and install—you just need to mount them where you want them and they don’t require any special tools or expertise. They can be installed by anyone who has basic knowledge about electricity and electronics, so you don’t have to hire an electrician to install them for you.


Low maintenance: Solar powered cameras actually require very little maintenance, so you don't have to worry about replacing batteries or panels on a regular basis.


These cameras also come with built-in motion detectors that allow them to start recording automatically when there is movement in front of them. This means that you won’t have to sit through hours of footage before finding out what happened during an incident at your home or business premises.





Solar Panel Security Cameras have Better Solar Charging Capacity


Solar panel security cameras have better solar charging capacity than other security cameras.


The solar panel can be installed at a higher position and it can receive more sunlight. They use the sun’s energy to power up the batteries of security cameras and keep them working for longer periods. This is because they are connected directly to a power source, which means that they don’t need to rely on a battery or a transformer to work.


When you are looking for a security camera with solar panels, look for one with at least 3 watts of power. This will give you enough energy to keep your camera charged all day long, even if there is not much sun out.



Solar Panel Security Cameras Can Operate in Different Weather Conditions


Security camera with solar panel is designed to work in a wide variety of weather conditions. These cameras come with a weatherproof that is rated IP66, which means they can be used under rain or snow without any damage to their internal components.


Solar panel security cameras are more durable than traditional security cameras due to their construction. The solar panels are connected to the batteries by wires and cables, but these cables are not exposed to the elements because they are hidden behind the solar panels. This makes them less susceptible to damage caused by water or other weather conditions.





The best Solar Panel Security Cameras 


Modern solutions, like our Solar panel security cameras, utilize the latest technology and other integrations to advance beyond the capabilities of much more traditional solar-powered equipment. Systems like this one use the most recent technology to provide the greatest amount of visibility.

Depending on the product of Solar panel security cameras you choose, these cutting-edge security systems frequently boast features and advantages in addition to their obvious solar power source.


For instance, our major features include:


· 4G/Wifi solar powered battery PTZ camera

· 4G network remote viewing/playback via APP 

· 5 watts solar panel and built-in 10400mAh batteries

· Two-way voice intercom

· Automatic motion detectors 

· Arbitrary arming time can be set up

· PIR humanoid detection alarm

· Infrared light or white light can be set up

· IP66 Waterproof 


As you can expect, these features have even more advantages.






At the end of the day, however, LS VISION has built itself a solid reputation in the industry by delivering trusted products that meet its customers' needs. 


As a professional OEM and ODM manufacturer of Solar panel security cameras, LS VISION has filed patents for the core technology. Manufacture in Shenzhen with its own factory, ensure the quality and delivery on time. Easy to install, Easy to use. These are the reasons why you should choose LS VISION as your reliable supplier of Solar panel security cameras.


So, if you are seeking a trusted supplier, don't hesitate to contact us for further details.

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