New product release-solar battery camera

August 20, 2021

Shenzhen, August 20, 2021-After successively releasing a number of low-power solar cameras in recent months, LSVISION, a global manufacturer of smart and environmentally-friendly low-power solar camera security solutions, has not slowed down the pace of launching morelow-power camera that supports AI. This time it is LS-WS10 and LS-WS11, a mini 2K image quality wifi/4G solar PIR detection low-power camera.

LS-WS10 is a wifi solar battery camera. Ordinary battery cameras will not have the appearance of PTZ in order to save power. But our wifi solar battery camera, after adding solar panels, there is no need to worry about electricity problems. It can be 360 degree rotated and viewed in real-time remotely, so that there is no dead angle in all directions, and your safety is better protected. The use environment is more flexible, and it can be used indoors and outdoors, so that the concept of solar cameras is no longer limited to being used outdoors.

LS-WS11 is a solar camera with wifi and 4G optional. Compared with the outdoor solar dome camera launched before, this one is more exquisite and small, convenient to transport and simple to install. The volume is only one-third of the LS-4GS02, which can save freight to a greater extent, and considering that the monitoring location may not have enough sunlight, we added a 3 meter extension cable to allow the solar panel to receive the maximum amount of light.

Compared with other cameras in LS Vision's star lineup low-power series, LS-WS10 and LS-WS11 are a comprehensive upgrade of smart functions and size. With these two cameras, every detail in use can be taken into consideration, as users think. Even better, with the built-in white light, these two cameras allow users to see colors in dark places.


In order to let everyone better understand the highlights of these two new products, we made the following comparative explanations:

1) Multiple installation methods:

*When installed outdoors, solar panels and cameras can be installed integrated or separated;

*Indoor installation can be placed on the desktop or installed on the wall;

*The installation is very simple. After fixing the back plate, the camera is stuck in, and the screw is fastened. When the solar panel is not connected, it can be removed and charged at any time. Built-in 3 21700 batteries, when triggered 30 times a day, the power can be used for up to 2 months

2) Newly added functions:

* Arming time setting, the camera will only be triggered when the arming time is set, otherwise it will be in sleep mode.

* Ordinary low-power solar cameras, at any time, as long as a moving object is detected, the camera will be awakened and recorded. However, the two solar battery cameras LS-WS10 and LS-WS11 can be set to arm time, which is convenient for use in places with many people. Setting the arm time allows the camera to sleep during the day. For example, install the battery camera in the office during the day. Employees move frequently. If the arming time is not set, the camera will be frequently touched, and the alarm message will always be received, and the power will be consumed quickly. After the arming function is added, the camera will not wake up even if someone passes by. Save power and save energy and make the camera last longer.

3) Dual light mode, optional infrared and white light, select the white light mode on the APP, when a person is detected at night, the white light can be turned on at the same time to give a warning, which is safe and convenient.

Features of LS-WS10 and LS-WS11 low-power battery cameras include:

1. Pan&Tilt:Pan 355 degree&Tilt 100 degree

2. 3.5 watt solar panel,built-in 15000mAh 3 pcs 21700 batteries

3. Two-way voice intercom

4. Cloud storage and TF card storage maximum 128G(without TF card)

5. WIFI 2.4GHz , IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, remote viewing/playback via APP


6. Automatic video recording and message push when human body

motion wakes up

7. Arbitrary arming time can be set

8. Built-in infrared light + white light, night vision full color or infrared mode optional IR distance 15 meters

9. Waterproof grade IP66

About LS Vision

LS Vision, a global innovator in the field of low-power cameras, has always been committed to providing the simplest and most reliable security solutions for homes and businesses. LS Vision's mission is to provide customers with a seamless security experience through its pioneering security products. LS Vision products are sold and sold worldwide, providing video surveillance and protection for millions of homes and homes.

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