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LS VISION Security Cameras That Can Alarm

November 12, 2021

How Security Cameras with Alarms Work

The IP security camera with alarm function is a PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor camera, which passively receives and detects infrared radiation from the surrounding environment.When the differences of radiation are identified, alarms ensue.

As PIR sensors are more sensitive to infrared radiations from humans or animals, PIR security cameras with remote alarms can dramatically reduce false alarms caused by fluttering moths or flying twigs, and catch what you really care about.

Take the PIR humanoid detection security solar camera LS-WS12 with alarm function as an example. The LS-WS12 camera is installed at the door of your home. It detects that the child is coming home from school and will immediately push a notification to your mobile phone.

What the Common Alert Options of Security Cameras with Alarms Are?

In general, when motion is detected, outdoor and indoor security cameras with alarms can inform you through push notifications in App, emails attached with snapshots or videos and texts. And then you can replay video clips in App to check the actual circumstance.

Besides these alert options, some high-end wired and wireless security cameras are equipped with audible alarms (siren) or especially customized voice-recordable alerts.

The built-in ear-splitting siren of security cameras with an alarm system will sound automatically until the burglar leaves your home, which would definitely induce vigilance from neighbors or the police.

In fact, with wired or wireless security cameras with audio alarms, you can totally get hold of your home by yourself for free – after receiving motion alarms, checking the exact situation by motion event replay and taking actions.

Here, we provide three tips to help you use the security camera with alarms to its best advantage.


1. Share Access to Security Cameras with Alarms with Families/Friends

Granting access rights of security cameras with alarms to more than one person can relieve the worries of missing the alerts.

After the simple setup, when you are working or driving, your family members can receive alerts of the surveillance cameras with alarms and act in time.

2. Feel Free to Enable or Disable Alerts in the Security Cameras with Alarms

Most of the security cameras with alarms in the market allow you to disable alarm options when you need to, for example, when a postman delivers mails while you are at home, you can turn off motion alerts to avoid unwanted alarms.

3. Back up Your Security Camera Footage for Double Insurance

Motion recordings of security cameras with alarms are usually saved locally in the micro SD card or NVR for the later playback.

It is suggested to back up the critical footage for double safety. You can upload them to the Cloud or FTP servers or download videos in your computers, in case that the SD card or NVR is broken or videos are deleted by accident.

Recommended Security Cameras with Alarms

Here we pick up three types of security cameras with alarms respectively for your choice.

1. LS WS12 wireless security solar battery camera

The wireless security solar battery IP camera is equipped with a highly sensitive PIR motion sensor. Able to capture everyone's movements. When a motion event is detected, LS WS12 will immediately wake up the camera to record and send a push notification to the mobile APP. In addition, in the APP, you can play back the video recording the entire exercise process.

This is also a two-way audio surveillance camera with alarm function. Even if you are thousands of miles away, you can verbally warn and scare away uninvited guests.

2.LS WS13 wireless seat belt light solar battery camera

Installed in the courtyard, when a person is detected at night, it will light up two white lights, which can be used as a street light, and will immediately wake up the camera to record and send push notifications to the mobile APP.

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