LS VISION Temperature Measuring Robots and Thermometer with Screen

November 26, 2021

At present, the epidemic is still spreading at home and abroad, and the prevention and control of the epidemic is still in a critical period. The supporting role of technological "anti-epidemic" in epidemic prevention and control is gradually being valued, such as artificial intelligence technology, big data visualization, and temperature measurement robots. The application of technologies such as artificial intelligence technology, big data visualization, temperature measurement robots, and telemedicine have alleviated contact safety issues during the epidemic, greatly reduced the risk of cross-infection, and improved detection efficiency.


Today, our product manager Jay trained us with new high-tech products, intelligent automatic rapid temperature measurement robots and thermal imaging cameras with screen. The aim is to contribute a modest contribution to the global fight against the epidemic, and hope that the world will be peaceful, healthy, and prosperous. Below, please learn about some product details of our temperature measurement robot and thermal imager with screen.

  1. Features:

  2. 1. Non-contact multi-person automatic temperature measurement robot;

2. Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.2℃;

3. Effective temperature measurement distance: 2-5 meters;

4. Support multiple people to measure temperature at the same time, 150-200 people per minute;

5. Support mask wearing detection;

6. Comes with black body, stable temperature measurement;

7. Support menu operation;

8. Can consult and export temperature measurement data;

9. Large display screen, support picture and video playback.

Optional function: 

Movable and fast arming: Equipped with a wheeled movable chassis, it can quickly realize emergency spot prevention, temperature measurement and deployment or temporary security monitoring, and optional built-in rechargeable batteries can be used for emergency use when power is off.

Intelligent voice interaction:

The voice interaction content and the information database need to be customized according to the customer's specific scenario requirements. 

The temperature measurement function is the same, the difference of these 3 models is in the advertising screen.

LS-R01 is a single 27-inch advertising screen. The temperature measurement interface and advertising information are displayed on one screen. The advertising information capability is weak. It supports static display of pictures or simple picture rounds.

LS-R02 Dual-screen display, temperature measurement information and 27-inch advertising screen are displayed on two independent screens. The advertising information capacity is average, and it supports dynamic real-time display and playback of multiple pictures and videos.

LS-R03 34-inch super large advertising screen, temperature measurement interface and advertising information are displayed on one screen, with strong advertising information capabilities, support advertising production and release, support platform management, and the software has main menus like material management, program management, terminal management, remote monitoring, user management, statistical reports, and system help.


Hospital, Subway, Shopping mall, Company etc

Application cases:

State-owned property rights trading center

Hotel entrance

Senior Clubs

Thermal imager with screen product picture


1. Non-contact binocular thermal imaging human body temperature measurement camera;

2. Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.2℃;

3. Remote temperature measurement

4. Support multiple people to measure temperature at the same time, 150-200 people per minute;

5. Support mask wearing detection;

6. Comes with black body, stable temperature measurement;

7. HDMI output display;

8. Support menu operation, simple and convenient setting; 


You can log in the web operation interface on the computer IE by connecting the Internet cable, and you can export the temperature measurement data of the Excel table on the web, the picture of the human face, the time, the temperature value, etc. 


Training Site

We hope LS VISION can work with you to tide over the difficulties, overcome the epidemic, and walk towards the future hand in hand!

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