LS VISION team wish you a Merry Christmas in 2021


It's a special Christmas in 2021 as virus is still spreading globally.

LS VISION team wish you a Merry Christmas and hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Please take good care of yourself, your family and friends.

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                                 LS VISION team wish you a Merry Christmas in 2021

Christmas in 2021 is finally coming as promised, and the charm of Christmas is irresistible, whether it is in the East or the West. More and more people are beginning to like this western festival.

Christmas is also known as the birthday of Jesus, translated as "Christ Mass", a traditional Western holiday on 25th December every year. Mass is a kind of liturgy of the church. Christmas is a religious festival, because it is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus, hence the name "Christmas".

When it comes to Christmas, everyone will involuntarily think of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Christmas socks, Christmas gifts, Christmas dinners, etc. In the past, on Christmas Eve every year, everyone prepared the supplies needed for Christmas in advance, and also held Christmas parties. However, due to the outbreak and spread of the epidemic in the past two years, it has not yet ended, so this year's Christmas will not be as lively and uproarious as it used to be. Because it is necessary to prohibit the gathering of more people to avoid the immune system spreading faster. This is mainly for everyone to be safer and healthier.

LS VISION also pays more attention to the sense of Christmas ceremony this year. In order to make employees feel the atmosphere of Christmas, we have prepared Christmas trees, Christmas hats, Christmas gifts, balloons and other supplies. Everyone sings Christmas songs happily and records Christmas videos, hoping to pass on our heart to people all over the world and our global customers and partners.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas in 2021, and the people be happy and safe. 

Looking forward to continuing to walk with you all the way.


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