Alibaba Battle PK Activity End-It's the end and the beginning!

April 14, 2023

I am delighted to write today and share with you some exciting news. LS VISION recently participated in the Alibaba GMV competition in March, and I am proud to announce that we have won it and get it! 

I would like to express our sincere thanks to the platform and our competitors. We enjoyed the competition immensely and learned a great deal. We also appreciate the opportunity to showcase our skills and abilities.

The GMV competition is a rigorous and challenging process, but we approached it with determination and commitment. From the outset, we set clear goals and strategies that helped us maintain focus and motivation. We leveraged our expertise in marketing, sales, and customer service to drive our performance, which ultimately led to our success.

We had a comprehensive understanding of our target clients.

In the GMV competition, we believed that understanding our target audience was crucial. We conducted market research and analysis to understand our customers' needs and preferences, and developed targeted marketing strategies accordingly. We used various market research tools such as surveys, consumer interviews, and market reports to better understand our audience.

While understanding our target audience, we also analyzed our competitors. We studied their brand image, product features, and marketing strategies, and compared and contrasted this information with our own situation to better position our brand and products.

We identified key market trends.

In addition to understanding our target audience, we also closely monitored market trends and changes. We believed that only by keeping up with the pace of the market could we maintain a competitive advantage.

To this end, we organized weekly market research meetings to analyze market changes and trends, so that we could quickly adjust our strategies. We also regularly read industry reports and news, paying attention to industry trends and emerging technologies, so that we could maintain our lea.

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