LS VISION Multi-lens Cameras

May 18, 2023
LS VISION Multi-lens Cameras

In the era of intelligence, single-lens cameras cannot meet all kinds of intelligent needs in the same scene. Therefore, LS VISION has developed AI multi-lens cameras to realize various applications such as linkage capture, trajectory positioning, deployment and tracking. LS VISION AI multi-lens cameras are high-quality equipments with modern and latest technology. There are many different models and now we summarize a few cameras to share with you.

AI Multi-directional Dual-lens Wifi Camera

This camera is adaptive, truly practical intelligence. Dual-lens dual-screen, 360-degree all-round monitoring. Dual light source design, built-in infrared light + white light, infrared night vision and full-color night vision. Human detection / vehicle detection / pet detection (cloud storage needs to be activated). Automatic tracking / motion detection, light alarm and customized alarm sound. Support ONVIF protocol, access to NVR; support PC client and Android/IOS APP remote management, flexibly adapt to various complex scenarios.

Easy to maintain, really easy to use intelligent functions.

Easy to install, really easy to adjust smartly. One-time upper pole installation, dual-camera remote free adjustment, convenient and one click to level.

Solar Low Power Consumption Dual Lens PTZ

The solar low-power multi-camera adopts a panorama plus detailed design scheme. The panorama adopts the main and secondary dual-camera design and can be adjusted vertically. The adjustment range is ±60° to meet the monitoring needs of different terrains. The details are designed with a pan-tilt camera.


It is suitable for scenarios where the cost of pulling electricity and pulling networks is high, and solar power supply and 4G transmission are required to solve deployment problems, such as: monitoring of power transmission lines, monitoring of water conservancy and river length systems along rivers, petroleum and petrochemical oil pipelines, farmland, fish ponds, orchards, forests key area monitoring, etc.

Multi-lens Electricity Powered Wifi Camera

The upper lens supports fixed complete view, and the lower lens views for the details. It adopts an integrated design and consists of a three-sensors camera and a high-performance module. It aggregates a variety of deep learning algorithms designed for complex scenes to achieve accurate collection of fully structured data and multi-scene data. Fusion capabilities to achieve all-round situational awareness.

Fusion of multiple cameras: Both detail capture and 360° large scene monitoring. Through the multi-lens combination linkage of a single device, multiple needs in the same scene can be realized. Through AI empowerment, the data value density of single-point devices is increased, and all-weather adaptation, full-scenario perception, and full-element extraction are realized.

Multi-algorithm aggregation: Aggregate a variety of deep learning algorithms designed for complex scenes to achieve accurate collection of fully structured data. With the iteration of software versions, more algorithms can be supported, and data fusion and analysis capabilities with panoramic perspective and close-up details can be realized. Comprehensive situational awareness.

The above is the introduction of the LS VISION AI multi-lens cameras. Through AI empowerment, the data value density of single-point devices can be improved, and all-weather adaptation, full scene perception, full element extraction and full data association can be realized, and the fusion of things and information can be facilitated. For the customers who need it can refer to it for more sharing of high-quality equipment of LS VISION cameras, please continue to pay attention to LS VISION Technology Co.,ltd.

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