Mycam Solar Camera LS-4GS04&WS2202

LS-4GS04&LS-WS2202 Solar Camera Frequently Asked Questions and Handling

LS-4GS04&LS-WS2202 Solar Camera Frequently Asked Questions and Handling (FAQ)

1. How APP Download and Register

Q1how to download APP, what are the requirements for mobile phones?
A: scan the manual with a mobile browser to download the QR code, or search the mobile app store for "i-cam+" software download. APP support Android 5.0 and above mobile operating system, if your phone below this system version will not be able to use properly, need to be upgraded to use.


Do you have anything to pay attention to Q2user registration?

Answer: APP support domestic mobile phone number and mailbox registration, non-local only support mailbox registration, mailbox registration needs to pay attention to, some mailbox may be enterprise registration mail as spam. If you don't find a registered email, you can see if it is included in the mail bin.


Why do Q3need to enter APP home address after registration?

A: the home address is used to identify the location of the device and connect to the nearest server, but also to facilitate the subsequent smart home product set in the home-based system management and linkage. Home address does not need to enter detailed address, but at least need to include country and province / state, open APP location permission, will automatically fill in the address.


2. 4G network and how should wifi connect

Q1do you have any requirements for the network?

Answer: the normal use of equipment needs to connect to the Internet through WiFi, need to support 2.4 G frequency band WiFi router, router WiFi delay is not more than 100, network uplink speed is not less than 1 MB/S. in outdoor and routing distance or barrier environment, need to add relay routing equipment.

4G cameras need products to support local operators 4G signal bands, can replace different operators SIM card connections.


Why is Q2connected WiFi but the WiFi name that has been connected is not displayed when configured?

Answer: the latest mobile phone system needs to open the position permission APP in the mobile phone system, APP can obtain the WiFi name that already connected and fill in automatically, the position permission is the necessary permission that APP work, can open in the mobile phone application setting.

For example, the Apple phone, turn on the phone settings-privacy-location service turn on-find the i-cam+ and change to "use during the application ".


Q3how to add WiFi smart devices, how to add devices always fail?

A: APP support QR code and acoustic configuration device connection WiFi, if configuration fails, check the following:

a, need to ensure that the smart device is in configuration (WiFi the product is in configuration there will be blue lights flashing, some products have voice prompts into configuration state)

When b, configure the device, whether the blue light flashes LED the device into a blue light, or a red light, if the LED blue light indicates that the device has received configuration information, If the red light is always on, check that the WiFi password is wrong or out of WiFi router coverage.

c, if the device blue light is always on after configuration, but the configuration fails, you need to see the reason for the failure, such as UID have been bound by other accounts, you need to contact after-sale untying, Or prompt configuration failure to restart the router or replace other network reconfiguration to see.

d, if the above is OK, try restarting the phone and router again.

f,4G the camera to confirm whether the SIM card is plugged in, you can replace the mobile phone 4 G card of different operators to test in the camera, and then scan the QR code after the blue light is on.

3. problems encountered in the use of equipment

After Q 1add the device, why does the phone and the device open the intercom together to have a harsh cry?

A: this is because the sound of the device and the MIC of the phone form self-excitation, just like KTV singing, MIC and speakers are very close to the similar self-excitation phenomenon, in this case will be mobile phone and take away. This product is a remote monitoring intelligent device, so normal use will not have this problem.


Q 2Tim, why can't my Android phone always receive push messages?

A: because of the characteristics of the system, the Android phone will be intercepted by the system APP it receives the push. You need to set the boot permissions to display the push,

a. in the APP, my - general settings - push settings - self - start management opens the self - start permission,

Permission management is set to allow notification, as well as lock screen notification.Some Android 10 or more systems need to open permissions in permission management and display them on other applications.

b. in the APP, my-general-purpose settings-push settings-battery management-allows ignoring battery optimization, and some Android 10 or more systems need to open permissions in privilege management and display them in other applications.


How to use Q 3PIR human detection function, why no one sometimes alarm?

A: PIR is a far-release infrared sensor, which is based on the far-release infrared rays of the human body to determine whether anyone is active. In fact, there are other objects in nature that also have the same wavelength of infrared rays, such as sunlight, mammals, And cars and heat sources. Severe electromagnetic interference can also cause false triggering to the equipment. can reduce the interference of PIR sensors in the following ways.

a, try to avoid direct sunlight, solar cameras and other outdoor products have been added radar technology, do not need to avoid direct sunlight.

Where more people are b,, it is recommended to close the PIR or lower the sensitivity to reduce false positives.

c ,PIR set at high sensitivity in 1 second capture screen, if the personnel in 1 second quickly leave or PIR interference may occur alarm screen no one. Low sensitivity device dormant state ,7 consecutive seconds to sense that the device will wake up video and push the phone.


Q 4why do camera images sometimes appear in Catton?

Answer: the work of network product needs to depend on WiFi and Internet and mobile phone, this product minimum requirement 1080 P screen is 1024 Kb upload rate, if network uplink rate is insufficient, can use WiFi test software to test network speed, if speed is insufficient, please confirm with operator whether your broadband speed can be adjusted, or replace router wifi use.


4. Product Function and Customer Feedback

How do you use Q 1battery for a few days?

A: Low-power products use the combination of extremely low-power sleep and fast remote wake-up to greatly extend battery life, if the battery consumes faster, check the following points,

a, sales of batteries are generally out of about 50% of the state of electricity, so the battery needs to be charged before use.

b, frequent PIR triggers can quickly consume electricity and PIR low sensitivity or shutdown in complex environments.

c, the battery life is calculated by triggering 20 times a day for 15 seconds, frequent or long viewing devices can lead to rapid power consumption.

d, in the case of network instability, the device needs to restart communication with the server every once in a while to maintain a normal state, and the very unstable network will also lead to faster battery power consumption.


Q 2this product memory card what requirements, video full how to do?

Answer: this product is frequently started video products, memory card requirements are relatively high, it is recommended to use genuine 16-128 G TF card, maximum support 128 G capacity, please format the TF card before use. Because this product is not a full-time video product, the general 16 G TF card can meet 30 days of video storage. Backlog video, memory card will automatically overwrite the earliest video files, video format is MP4 format.


Q 3what is the function of cloud storage?

A: this product is free of charge for a month of cloud storage experience. When an event alarm occurs, the device automatically uploads 8 seconds of video to the cloud. So that even if no SD card or device is removed, the key video is still saved in the cloud. After the probation period, users can buy cloud storage services, and paid users can view 30 days of cloud storage video.


How often do Q 4solar camera products need to be charged?

A: the USB interface on the product is used for battery charging. It takes more than 8 hours to charge. The designed solar panels can support 15 consecutive days of rainy weather when the sun can shine. If the rainy weather exceeds or frequently wakes up the device, it needs to be removed and charged with a USB power supply of 5 V. The battery status can be seen USB charging or solar charging APP preview interface.


Q 5I want to change the location of the equipment installation should do?

A: if the WiFi name and password are exactly the same, do not need to reset, directly change the location. But if the WiFi name and password are different, you need to wake up the device to press the reset key for 5 seconds and then hear "system reset" and enter the configuration state, and then delete the current device in the APP device list. Reinstall configuration like a new product.


Q 6why can mobile phone access the device at home, after going out can not access the device?

A: There may be two situations in which devices can be accessed outside the LAN:

a, equipment connected to the WiFi network, mobile phones can be connected WiFi see if the normal Internet.

b,APP there is no mobile phone traffic permission, the mobile phone can only access the device if the connection WiFi, this situation in the mobile phone APP permission settings to open the data traffic permission.


How do Q 7share the device with family and friends?

A: if you have configured the device, you want to share it with others, so you need to let him download the APP, on your phone and register your account. Then under the original account, the device list interface-set-share permissions-share-enter the account to be shared. The sharer can also set the device usage rights of the sharing object, such as intercom, view video, etc., the sharer can no longer share the device to others. APP there is no limit to the number of users to share, but only three people can be watched at the same time, one of whom can talk to each other.

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