Solar security surveillance camera, giving you more continuous sense of security

May 28, 2021

With the increase in demand scenarios for video surveillance systems, more and more types of surveillance cameras have begun to appear in the market, such as the popular solar surveillance cameras. So what is a solar surveillance camera?


Solar security cameras refer to surveillance cameras powered by solar panels. The biggest difference between it and ordinary surveillance cameras is the power supply mode. Solar surveillance cameras generally support SIM card signal transmission. The main advantage is that it can be used directly without power. The disadvantage is that audio and video signals are transmitted through traffic, so traffic costs is more expensive. At the same time, affected by the signal strength of the installation site, fluctuations may occur during remote monitoring.


As can be seen from the above, the biggest difference between solar security cameras and ordinary surveillance cameras is that they have added some special configurations for scenarios where there is no electricity, so that surveillance cameras can cover more scenes. Therefore, it is not appropriate to say which is better separately, but to choose which camera is more suitable according to the use scene. For scenes like outdoors, of course solar security surveillance cameras are more suitable.


There are also many users who have purchased a solar camera and used it for a period of time, but felt that the effect was not as good as the ideal product when they first bought it. In general, this situation occurs. Apart from the product quality problems caused by the use of inferior raw materials for substandard products, it may be that the solar camera has not been properly maintained. How to maintain it? let’s talk about this problem.


1. Wipe solar panels


Because solar camera systems are usually installed outdoors, highways and other dusty areas. Over time, a thick layer of dust will be covered on the surface of the solar panel. The solar cell is blocked by dust, which will definitely have a great impact on the performance of the solar panel. Therefore, we must

regularly clean the dust on the solar panels according to the specific conditions of the installation site. Especially in oily areas, the frequency of cleaning solar panels should be increased.


2. Battery maintenance


If the solar system you choose uses maintenance-free lithium iron phosphate batteries, and the solar monitoring system is installed outdoors for a long time, you do not need to maintain the batteries of the solar camera system. This kind of battery will not cause damage to the battery as long as it is charged and discharged daily. Under normal circumstances, reasonable use, the life of lithium iron phosphate battery is as long as 5 years. However, if the solar camera system you purchased is not used outdoors for a long time, but temporarily idle, it is recommended that you store it after fully charging it. Then charge it again every three months. So as not to cause the battery power to be too low due to the natural loss of power, which will cause irreversible damage to it . Then charge it again every three months. So as not to cause the battery power to be too low due to the natural loss of power, which will cause irreversible damage to it.


3. Camera maintenance


The camera does not require special maintenance during regular use. You can wipe the monitor lens with alcohol while cleaning the dust on the solar panel.

Do the above maintenance work well, the loss value of the solar security camera will be reduced a lot, and the corresponding service life will be longer.


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