LS VISION Monthly Awards Ceremony in May 2022


LS VISION, being an experienced security and surveillance manufacturer in Shenzhen city, now mainly focus on low power wireless solar camera, wifi battery camera, smart home wifi camera, IP camera etc.

With all the support from our customers and partners and workmates together, we develop to a higher and stronger position in CCTV field.

LS VISION Monthly Awards Ceremony in May 2022
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                            LS VISION Monthly Awards Ceremony in May 2022

LS VISION's monthly awards ceremony is coming again.

Last month, we still achieved very good results even in the downturn of the global market. 

The foreign 2B department, foreign 2C department and the domestic department all have a certain degree of sales growth. 

Congratulations to every colleague, and thank you to everyone for their dedication and hard work.

Let's congratulate to the following winning workmates:

2B department sales champion Tina

No.1 in new customers transaction JY

2C sales champion Joy

Excellent employee of the month Lin

Thanks to Jenny's impassioned speech for inspiring our fighting spirit.

Hope LS VISION's low-power solar cameras, wifi battery cameras and a series of security monitoring products can continue to make a modest contribution to world security and peace. 

Let's fight again in June!

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