Binocular Thermal Imager Camera Quick Temperature measurement

Binocular Thermal Imager Camera Quick Temperature measurement

This thermal imager for human body temperature measurement contains black body, which can be automatically calibrated to reduce the environmental impact of changes on the camera, and has a higher temperature measurement accuracy than ordinary thermal imaging.

The human body temperature measurement thermal imaging camera is based on artificial intelligence algorithm and infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology, which can quickly check and warn people with fever symptoms in the crowd, and accurately display the highest temperature value. This equipment is widely used in large public places such as airports, stations, schools, hospitals, factories and shopping malls.

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Products Details

Model No.: LS-TI009

1、Thermal imaging temperature measurement module pixel up to 256x192

2、Pixel size 12μm. Thermal sensitivity (NETD): ≤ 60mk (@25 ℃, f#=1.1)

3、Non contact personnel temperature measurement, accuracy: ±3 ℃(target temperature 30℃-50℃)

4、It has its own facial accurate temperature measurement algorithm to reduce the impact of surrounding high temperature environment

5、Human body temeasurement distance: 1m-3m

6、The 1080p high definition visible light image sensor makes the picture clearer

7、Deep intelligent learning algorithm can detect and measure 20 people at the same time

8、Maximum output frame rate:Visible light: 1920x1080@25fps Thermal imaging: 256x192@25fps

9、HDMI output video and voice broadcast, real-time display of the number of passengers and abnormal temperature

HDMI cable to connect the monitor

The binocular thermal imaging camera can be used when connected to the display through the HDMI cable, quickly test the human body temperature, and broadcast "normal body temperature". The display interface has the body temperature of each person, divided into two interfaces of infrared light and visible light; there is also a capture interface for people with normal body temperature and abnormal body temperature. When a person's body temperature is abnormal, an alarm will sound.

Background data management

After the binocular thermal imaging camera is connected to the network, enter the IP address of the device in the address bar of the computer's Google browser, enter the camera management background, and review the data or export the data.

Fever alarm

When it is detected that the person's body temperature exceeds the set temperature, the display interface will display the body temperature in red, announce the abnormal body temperature, and sound the alarm.

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