​IP cctv POE camera product series, HD picture quality effect on rainy days.

LS Vision Intelligent Video Surveillance: Make your life safer!

In order to protect the safety of families and property, surveillance cameras are in great demand in countries around the world, but the environment in each country is different. For example, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria are very hot all year round; while the Philippines and Japan are prone to heavy rains and strong winds. For different weather in different countries, LS Vision provides professional IP67 waterproof full-color starlight POE cameras.

Whether it’s the scorching sun,rainstorm,or Gale!

Whether you are worring about the progress of the project,

worring  about the safety of the community,

or worrying about the elderly and children at home,

You can choose LS Vision professional IP POE camera, we provide complete High resolution CCTV surveillance system solution.

Don’t worry, no matter what the environment is, no matter how bad the environment is, LSVISION will protect you online and care about what you care about!

LS Vision, a professional, dedicated and innovative CCTV system supplier!

IP67 grade waterproof, adapt to various outdoor weather changes.

Wenn Sie das Video über einen längeren Zeitraum speichern möchten oder mehrere Kameras bedienen müssen,

ist es besser, diese intelligente Kamera an einen kompatiblen NVR oder ein Sicherheitskamerasystem anzuschließen.

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