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LS VISION Body Worn Camera Solution

Single-law enforcement of the implementation of video and audio recording system solutions, the use of the Internet plus cloud computing, cloud storage of large data and other advanced technical means, through cloud, network, integrated business platform, the establishment of a national multiple level network data sharing information Law Enforcement Network. To help leaders at all levels and law enforcement supervision and management unit full real-time control of on-site business work dynamics. Promote law enforcement on duty business standardization, and effectively improve the work style, enhance the execution, and promote on-site enforcement of law enforcement operations to implement the power of open and transparent, internal and external supervision continue to strengthen the new normal. Single-law enforcement audio and video recording system solutions from the law enforcement recorder data acquisition equipment and single-law enforcement audio and video recording integrated management platform composed of three parts can be achieved in part as follows.

ls vision body camera solution

Law Enforcement Recorder

Am Körper getragene Kamera Law Enforcement Recorder is a set of high-definition digital camera and recording intercom as a cluster of high-tech features such as mobile terminal products, which can help law enforcement officers on-site law enforcement officers on-site environment, law enforcement process full video recording. To provide real and effective on-site image data, for the time to sum up the case of detection and judicial prosecution, to provide favorable on-site evidence.

Data Acquisition Equipment

Data acquisition equipment deployed in the traffic police patrol, law and order police and other grass-roots law enforcement units to provide law enforcement recorder equipment, charging, time-update, data upload, storage, data clearing and other functions.

Single Police Law Enforcement Audio and Video Recording Integrated Management Platform

Single-law enforcement of video and audio recording integrated management platform is a single-law enforcement of audio and video management system at the core, the main realization of the province’s public security organs of the important video data storage and the province of all video data, index data service data operation and maintenance data, Comprehensive automation, intelligent management and application. To provide law enforcement supervision as the core of a variety of business functions.

Single Police Law Enforcement Audio and Video Recording Integrated Management Platform


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