LS VISION “Dark Night Soul” 4K Dual Lens PTZ-Bullet Linkage 4G/Wifi Solar Camera

                                      LS VISION “Dark Night Soul” 4K 8MP Dual Lens PTZ-Bullet Linkage Camera


Due to technical and cost constraints, cctv cameras cannot be popularized in every household in the past .

But with the development of technology, higher-definition pixels, excellent night vision effects and more advantageous prices, network cameras and AI smart home cameras have appeared, 

taking into account the functions of intercom, linkage, AI recognition, and following the target movement.

The traditional camera has the appearance of a single bullet, ptz camera, and dome, which are used independently. 

If they cannot be used together perfectly, it is easy to cause blind spots of vision.

Starting from the user’s point of view, LS VISION has been adhering to the research and development concept of high quality and high standards, and finally a new series was born in the spotlight: “Night Soul”PTZ-Bullet linkage camera – solar energy low power consumption series LS-MS1 -10X.

Compared with traditional cameras, it has clearer images, wider field of view, more diverse detection methods, better night vision effects, and more flexible use methods.

Key Features:


1.4K Dual Lens 4G Solar Cell Flood Light PTZ Camera

2. Built-in 4G module, support 4G frequency bands of different countries at home and abroad, and can support 200+ overseas countries

3. PTZ: 355 degrees horizontally, 90 degrees vertically

4.5W high power solar panel with built-in 20000mAh battery

5. Zwei-Wege-Sprechanlage

6. Cloud storage and TF card maximum storage 128G (without TF card)

7. Support Android, IOS APP remote viewing/playback (APP: NiView)

8.PIR + humanoid detection wake-up video recording and message push

9. 24 hours recording, 24 hours + trigger recording, trigger recording three working modes

10.2.5mm wide-angle lens + 5-50mm 10x optical zoom lens, clear near and far

11. Support motion detection, humanoid detection, humanoid automatic tracking, video 3D positioning

12. Wasserdicht nach IP66

13. Support integrated installation and separate installation



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