LS VISION High End Marvelous 4K Dual Lens 4G Wifi Outdoor Solar Camera 10X Optical Zoom Battery Powered

        High End Marvelous 4K Dual Lens 10X Optical Zoom Battery Powered 4G Wifi Outdoor Solar Camera 

With the bigger demand and technology development in cctv low power solar cameras this year, LS VISION posted a new high end Marvelous 

series 4K dual lens 10x optical zoom 4g/wifi outdoor solar power camera recently. It adopts latest technology for linkage of bullet and PTZ dome 

function together, which is powerful and functional and easily attracts customers’ attention.

Below let’s learn about the 4K cctv security surveillance solar camera’s main features and functions.

4K dual lens, two images showing on the screen simultaneously

10X optical zoom, can monitor much longer distance at 300-400m

Support motion detection, humanoid detection, humanoid automatic tracking, video 3D positioning

When white lights are on, it will be color image night vision

When infrared lights are on, it will be black and white image at night

Two way voice intercom

Integrated installation and separated ceiling mounted installation


1. 4K dual lens 4G/wifi solar powered battery floodlight PTZ camera

2. Eingebautes 4G-Modul, verschiedene Module in verschiedenen Ländern

3. Pan&Tilt: Pan 355 degree&Tilt 90 degree

4. 5 watt solar panel, built-in 20000mAh batteries

5. Zwei-Wege-Sprechanlage

6. Cloud-Speicher und TF-Karten-Speicher maximal 128G(ohne TF-Karte)

7. Support Android, IOS APP remote viewing/playback (APP: NiView)

8.PIR+humanoid detection wake-up video recording and message push

9. 24 hours recording, 24 hours+trigger recording, trigger recording three working modes

10.2.5mm wide-angle lens+6mm lens,Seeing clearly from far and near

11.Support motion detection, humanoid detection, humanoid automatic tracking, video 3D positioning

12. Wasserdicht nach IP66

13. 10x optical zoom or no zoom is optional

If the place is without any network and electricity, you can choose 4G version. If the place is with local wifi, you can choose wifi version.

4G and wifi can’t be supported at the same time, which can save much of your time and labor cost comparing with traditional CCTV wired cameras.

You can install the 4G or Wifi 4K dual lens outdoor solar battery powered camera at the places of construction sites, barn, farms&ranches, 

boats, docks&marina, vacation home, cabins&sheds, RVs, campsites&food carts, warehouses, wildlife studies, hotels&Airbnb rooms etc.

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