Monitoring Camera Development History

Now, whether at home, or go out shopping, eating, playing, everywhere you can see the surveillance camera. Now you can say that your day’s work and life are recorded in the camera. Now surveillance cameras so common, then it is how to develop, then now we have to look at the development of surveillance cameras history. 

Non-Internet age, the Internet is far less developed now. In the 1970s and ’90s, analog cameras, analog optical transceivers and analog video tapes were at that time. Analog camera is closed-circuit mode, can only be monitored internally, not remote monitoring, video data can only be stored locally, can not remotely view, but it also has the advantage of information is not easy to be stolen and destroyed.

In 2000 to 2005 the first generation of analog-digital monitoring cameras, analog control system contains analog devices and digital devices. Analog equipment, including analog camera equipment, analog hard disk recorders and analog matrix, digital equipment, a Sicherheit Kamera, video server, network hard disk recorders, digital matrix. The analog-digital monitoring system adopts the analog camera, and the video signal is transmitted to the digital equipment (such as video server, encoder, digital hard disk video recorder, etc.) by analog coaxial cable, realizing the compression and coding, and then converting to the suitable for Ethernet transmission. Digital video signal. 

In 2005-2010, IP streaming media monitoring began to flourish. IP camera is generally refers to the network camera, which includes a common camera, video server, network card, application software, and some also include head and zoom lens. It can compress images through the network for transmission, etc. This means that you can remotely take care of your shop, family situation. 

In 2010, after the IP into the era of full-exchange monitoring. IP full-switching monitoring system uses digital front-end, the center of the deployment of background video management services module, back-end storage using professional IP SAN disk array, video transmission and forwarding links are distributed to the various systems of network switching equipment, the display part of the decoder Converts the IP signal into an analog signal or a digital signal that the display device can recognize. The technology for future security construction has made great contributions. 

Now people continue to innovate, science and technology continue to progress, I believe that the specifications of the surveillance camera will become increasingly smaller, more and more clear picture, installation and operation will be more convenient.


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