What Is the Cost of Home Security Systems & How to Choose Cost-Effective Ones

Let’s figure up:

The cost of home security systems is not just the figure that you see on the price tag.

So, what are the other expenses that add up the final cost of security systems for home? Are you paying for the devices and features that you desire the most? And, are such security systems worth the price?

To help you choose cost-effective security systems for your home, we will walk you through the major fees that add up the total cost of a home security system and top factors to consider when selecting one.

How Much Does a Home Security System Cost: Not Just the Equipment Price

The cost of home security systems is not just about the equipment price, but also includes the expenses of installation, professional monitoring and other additional services.

Generally speaking, the average cost of a home security system is around $100 to $2000 with additional fees for installation ($49.99 -$199.99/each security device), professional monitoring ($14.99 – $34.99/month) and subscription plans ($10 – $20/month) combined.

#1. Equipment Price

A home security system consists of security cameras, NVRs, motion sensors, automatic lights, motion alarms, control panels, smart locks and so on.

The total prices of these equipment combined make up the basic cost of a home security system.

#2. Installation Fees

The second major part that adds up the cost of a home security system is installation fees, ranging from $0 to over $3000.

Believe it or not, the average installation cost for a home security system is $1511 based on 1531 reported files.

In some cases, the installers may also ask you to pay the activation fees to turn your equipment on. So, to reduce the cost of home security systems, it is best to consult the technicians if the activation fees are included in the installation cost or not when you schedule the installation appointment.

#3. Monitoring Costs

The expenses on professional monitoring services are also counted as a significant part of the total cost of a monitored security system for home.

Normally, monitoring service providers require you to sign a monitoring contract that lasts 1 to 3 years and charge you $15 to $30 per month as monitoring fees.

The good side of such professional monitoring is that once the motion sensors are triggered, these companies send you instant alerts and contact local police when you are away from home.

However, if you want to terminate the contracts early, they may charge you an expensive cancellation fee. So, think twice before you sign a contract to obtain 24/7 monitoring services.

#4. Subscription Fees

The cost of home security systems also includes the price of additional services like cloud storage, paid third-party software to control your home security system and smart home automation plans.

Also note that it depends on your security needs whether to subscribe to the additional service plans or not. If the basic offers meet your needs, then you don’t have to use the extra services and save the subscription cost of home security systems as well.

How to Reduce the Cost of Home Security Systems: 5 Useful Tips

Tip 1. Choose Home Security Systems from Top Brands

You may doubt that if it is worthwhile to pay for the cost of home security systems of well-known brands.

As noted above, no-name security systems may cost you more for less qualified products and hidden fees.

In comparison, top security system brands provide you qualified security equipment, responsive customer service, money-back guarantees and warranties as well.

By using high quality security systems for your home, you are free of the troubles to get your equipment fixed from time to time. In case there are any problems, just contact the support team of the home security brands and they will come back to you soon. 

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Tip 2. Use easy & Self-Monitoring Home Security Systems

As mentioned above, installation fees and monthly fees for professional monitoring take up a considerable part of the average cost of home security systems. If you prefer one-and-done cost, a DIY and self-monitoring security system like LS-WL341-10X is an ideal option.


Tip 3. Select Home Security Systems That Work with Smart Home Devices

By setting up security systems  feature, you are also able to reduce the total cost of a home security system.

Here is how:

It is estimated that nearly 70% of the American families will own a smart speaker to control smart home devices via voice commands.

With home security systems that work with smart home devices, you don’t have to spend extra money in upgrading the existing security equipment at your home, which makes such smart security systems future-proof and cost-effective options.

Tip 4. Invest in Most-Wanted Home Security Devices

To purchase cost-effective home security systems, make sure that you invest in the most-needed devices and features.

It is best to take a closer look at what security equipment is included in the system kit before paying upfront to avoid spending money on the fancy features that you don’t need at all.

Tip 5. Use Multiple Storage Options

The subscription fee for monthly cloud storage plans is not a compulsory expense.

To reduce the cost of a home security system, make full use of others like NVRs, SD cards and FTP servers to save the security camera recordings.

You may also make a copy of the recordings to your PCs from time to time so that you won’t lose any recordings in case of overwriting or damages to the storage options.



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