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LS VISION New Edition LTE 4G Wireless WiFi Police Body Cameras System Release

As the city safety problem grows, the police law enforcement faced with many different challenges. 

At first, let us face several questions directly to think about how to solve these tough problems. 

The center operator how to know the real status remotely? Live location?

How officer can communicate with each other to improve the enforcement efficiency?

How operator center send the command and emergency info to the officer remotely to achieve live dispatching?

When emergency happen, how officer report to operator center immediately?

How operator center monitoring everything?

To solve these problems, obviously we need a device which can send the location information, talk to each other who are equipped with the device, equipped with the HD IP Camera to real time monitor and have a host system to monitor every single device. It seems too hard to make this device because there are many functions in one device. So let me share a piece of good news for you. That is we have already launch the new generation body worn camera.

This generation of body worn camera support 4G network. It can still connect to network while there is no wifi. Equipped with the 16Mp HD wide-angle camera, it can capture the image very clearly. It also support night vision function for 10meters which helps you record things with better quality. Built-in LTE 4G, WIFI, GPS function and built-in speaker and microphone, it can help you report your any information at a proper time. 3200mAh large battery supports you to work at least 8 hours.

Meanwhile, we also prepared a lot of optional body camera accessories for your reference. For example, different kinds of clips, back-up battery, data terminal, head camera, full HD external camera and so on.

We are sure that all the enforcement activities can be monitored by the control center remotely.


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