The Key Point of Body Worn Cameras for Police Officer

How do we use the body cameras for law enforcement (police officers)?

Body cameras also known as body worn cameras dan body worn video,  is a video and audio recording system that is typically utilized by law enforcement to record their interactions with the public or gather video evidence at crime scenes. 

They are rather small – they can be comfortably attached to a shirt pocket, collar, hat, or even specially designed sunglasses. They are recording what an officer actually sees as he goes about his job. Others mount to the shoulder or collar of a uniform and record from a slightly lower perspective. Most are roughly the size of a Scotch tape dispenser. That’s something between a large strawberry and a lemon. 

Beyond that, features vary by model. There are more than a dozen to choose from, made by different companies. Extras include high-definition video, wireless operation, anti-tampering safeguards, one-touch activation, ultra-wide-angle views, auto-adjusting low-light modes and night vision.

What’s the point of our police body camera?

There is some information about our body camera with 16gb 32gb and 64gb of memory.
police law enforcement video and audio recorder
It has a small size with 2.0″ LCD screen. And it is waterproofed at high level IP68. We use the high energy batteries in it which can offer a super long recording time. Also it is light and easy to carry. We are sure that this product will be popular among your clients.

The body camera is coming soon. Let us wait and see.

body camera recording at crime scenes.


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