The origin of Mid-Autumn Festival

The traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as August Festival. Mid-Autumn Festival began in the Tang Dynasty, popular in the Song, Ming and Qing Dynasty reached its peak.  In its wandering away side are using it for their loved ones to express their thoughts of love, look forward to an early reunion.

He said the Mid-Autumn Festival, will recall the story of the Moon. Legend has it that in ancient times ten suns in the sky, with his divine Hou Yi shot down nine of the suns, after Houyisheri marry Chang E, the Queen Mother gave him a packet of immortality medicine, but Hou Yi and Chang E in the world just stay together, and later because of evil intentions Peng Meng, Chang E was forced to eat the medicine bag, flew to the moon became immortal, from the two separated. Hou then looked at the moon every day to express thoughts of love.

The origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival, There are a variety of claims.

It originated from a emperors festival. “Book” on the record: “Emperor Chun Asahi, Chuseok month”, on the eve of the Moon Festival is described as early as the Spring and Autumn Period, King began offering month, thanks to months. Later aristocrats and Bachelor also follow suit, and gradually spread to people.

Second, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the origin related to agricultural production. Autumn is the harvest season. Mid-August, and a variety of fruit crops have matured, farmers in order to celebrate the harvest, the expression of joy, a “Moonlight” this day as a holiday. “Moonlight” is the meaning of the fall in the middle, Lunar August is the month in the middle of autumn, and the fifteenth day of the month in the middle of the day, the festival is likely to be inherited ancient customs.

Mid-Autumn Festival has many customs, the most prominent of which is to eat moon cake, moon. As the saying goes: “August fifteen months Zhengyuan, Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake fragrant and sweet.” Moon cake term, when only a snack food. Later, people gradually to the full moon and the moon cake together, meaning family reunion, sustenance thoughts. Meanwhile, the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake is between friends for emotional contact is important gift.

Whereby the festival, LS VISION team held games eat moon cake. In the game everyone united, progressive, enjoyable, dynamic working atmosphere, give the impression that work is life, has a higher passion into work, promote the prosperity and development of the company, a higher level.


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