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Cooperation Culture



Quality Control Manager is responsible for the following aspects to guarantee development and improvement of quality control management system.

a. Convey and carry out effective operation based on customer needs, ordinances and regulation in the Management Review conferences.
b. Setup Quality policy based on long-term strategy and customer orientation
c. Ensure quality objective has been established
d. Executive management and examination
e. Ensure all needed resources can be properly supplied and used

Customer Orientation

Top quality supervisor is responsible to be sure that customers' request and expectation have been decided by asking salesmen to grasp customers' needs effectively according to concerned documents.

Quality Policy

Quality concerns life
Quality concerns Brand
Quality concerns development
Setup staffs' quality consciousnes

All staff participate in quality management

All staff participate in quality management, concerned: a. Quality b. Delivery c. Cost d. Service e. Keep asking staff to supply suitable products according to ISO9001: 2000 and quality control system.

Quality Target

a. Quality
Revised annually to achieve the ultimate 6δas a target
b. Delivery
Provide on time delivery.
Increase 15%+ annually.
d. Stock Consumption Rate
Achieve the planned annual target
e. Technology
Achieve quality and productivity target by technologic improvement and innovation.
f. Cost

Achieve the planned annual target, offer reasonable price

(1)Everyone should be familiar with and obey the ''Quality Notebook''
(2)Quality policy is listed in the management conference for discussion, and to ensure it to be effective continuously

Quality Gurantee

To satisfy customer
To aim improving persistently
To put emphasis on process quality

Quality Inspection Analysis & Improvement Summary

We will plan and have examination & analyzsis to:
------ensure accordance of products
------ ensure accordance of quality management system
------ keep improving for accordance of quality management system
It depends on demands, purposes and methods, as well as the application of statistics techniques.

Surveillance Measure

Customers' Satisfaction

Customers' satisfaction process have been made to inspect feedback from customers. The feedback is also used as measure for quality management system performance.

Internal Audit

The responsibility of Internal Audit Committee is performing audit to check whether each quality activity or regulation is carried out effectively. The chairman of the committee is administrator representative, auditors are from concerned department.

(1)Each audits of Internal Audit Committee should be well trained and qualified..
(2)Internal Quality Inspection Process have been made to specify:
------ time to audit
------ responsibilities
------ execution methods
------ record & report
------ examine improve countermeasure and effectivity
------ file inter-auditing documents
------ Audit results should be summarized and submitted on administration review conference

The time to launch internal audit depends on actual situation. If need, aperiodic audit could be used by the administration. Process survey and inspection

Appropriate methods (Internal Audit, Management Review and Process Control)will be taken to survey and inspect flows, which are used to meet customers’ requirements. These methods will ensure every flow meeting its anticipative target, otherwise adjustment should be taken to guarantee product accordance..

Product survey and inspection

'Survey and inspection procedure for product and process'has been established to survey and inspection product characteristics for accordance with needs. The procedure should be executed in suitable moment of producing process.Evidence for allowance of acceptance should be saved. Record should indicate responsible person for delivery and all other rules. Otherwise, delivery of product should not be done., excepting getting permission from authorized person permitted, or approval from client..

Rejected product control

''Control procedure for rejected product'' have been established ------ To ensure rejected product are identified and in control to prevent misusage and delivery.
------ Control of rejected product treating.
------ Top supervisor should take action when rejected product are found out before delivery or during usage..
------ Rejected product should be retested after rectifing for accordance.
------ Character and action taken for rejected product should be recorded and filed.

Data analysis

''Data Analysis Procedure'' has been established to identify, collect and analyse adequate information for applicability and validity of quality management system, also available to evaluate points needing to be improved including document and concerned sourcing from survey and inspection, finally to analyse all these for getting following information.

(1) Customer satisfaction
(2) Accordance with product requirement
(3) Character and currency of product including chance to prevention
(4) Delivery performance


Improve constantly

By executing quality guideline, quality aim, audit result, information analysis, rectification/ prevention measurement and managing censor, will improve quality management system.


Rectify measurement

Rectification and Prevention Measurement Processure' has been established to prevent and eliminate disqualified factor.

------ Rectification measurement should suit for impact from incurred problem
------ Rectification and Prevention Measurement Processure' should be available to judge following requirement.

Judge rejected products(including customer complain)
Reason causing rejected products
Evalute requirement for measurement to prevent rejected product
Decide and carry out rectification measurement
Record result from the measurement
Censor rectification measurement
Prevent methods

Rectification and Prevention Measurement Processure' has been established to prevent and eliminate latent disqualified factor.

------ Rectification measurement should suit for impact from latent problem
------ The preventing measurement file should meet the following requirement.
To judge it is rejected (including the complaining from customers)
The reasons to judge rejected
The requirement for the evaluation measurement to prevent rejected product
Decide and carry out the rectification measurement
Record the reply for the measurement
Censor the rectification measurement

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