Advantages and disadvantages of wired cameras and wireless cameras

               Advantages and disadvantages of wired cameras and wireless cameras

Wired cameras and wireless cameras have their own advantages and disadvantages, mainly depending on the purpose you install the camera.


If it is to be fixed outdoors where the wiring is convenient, it is better to install a wired camera.


If you are at home or need to change the monitoring location at any time, 4G wireless monitoring will be more convenient.


With the increasing development of solar monitoring technology, it will be better to install solar monitoring outdoors. 

The advantages and disadvantages of wired cameras and wireless cameras:

  1. 1. Wired camera

The advantage is that the technology is mature, the industrial network camera technology is directly transplanted, and not afraid of the signal interference, and it is stable and reliable;

The disadvantage is that the installation is complicated, requires wiring, can only be accessed through a computer, and has a limited range of use and is not suitable for home use. 

2. Wireless camera 

The advantage is that there is no need for wiring, the installation and addition of cameras are more convenient, and the cost of Internet access is also low;

The disadvantage is that it will be interfered by the signal, which may affect the clarity and transmission speed of the picture. 

Extended information:

Now that the technology of solar monitoring is mature, solar energy can be used to solve the problem of power supply. 

Outdoor monitoring can also choose more advanced solar monitoring. 

Remote monitoring without electricity and network is no longer an imagination.

  1. 1. Simple installation: install by yourself, no need to hire construction personnel;

  2. 2. Adjustable angle: 360 degrees can be rotated, no dead angle monitoring;

3. No need to connect to electricity: solar power generation and built-in lithium battery power supply;

4. No wiring: no need to go through the wall to chisel the wall, no need to destroy the decoration.




The configuration of the solar power supply system requires the customer to provide the total power consumption of each load device. 

Need to understand the local light conditions and the length of time the equipment continuously works.



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