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Comic Time – Just For Fun

Today I want to tell you guys an interesting story. The story is about a thief and cctv camera. Let’s take a look to see how poor this thief is.

1. There was a man named Bob riding his motorbike on his way home. But his motorbike went break down while he still had a long way home. Bob had to push his bike on the road.

2. ‘What’s wrong with you? My dear’ Bob asked to his motorbike.

3. Meanwhile a thief came by and the thief saw Bob’s wallet in his back pocket.

4. The thief took away Bob’s wallet directly. Lucky! The thief thought.

5. The thief didn’t lose his mind. He looked around to check if there was someone seeing his action.

6. He turned around and saw a weird thing. He was confused.

7. It seemed like a network ip camera, he thought.

8. Oh, My god! It is a surveillance cameras!

9. The thief thought and thought. Then he decided to throwed the wallet to the ground. Hey dude, is it yours?

10. My dearest police, I have already return the wallet, please don’t take me into the prison. God bless me.


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