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Coronavirus prevention products

The novel coronavirus is badly break out, in this situation, how can we protect ourselves?

LS VISION is top a Security company, who extremely care public safety. Since then, LS VISION does what we can to collect customers’ local news and try our best to support epidemic prevention materials.

Whole company work overtime all month and now can provide comprehensive series of protection products all over the world.

These goods are sutiable for group company, middle and small-sized enterprises, subway, station, hospital, and other places where people get crowed need quickly distinguish patients with fever with normal people.

like Non contact infrared hand-held temperature measuring gun,which fast read the temperature in 1 second. We provide a variety of models, small and lightweight, which quite suitable for the baby, who may contradict traditional thermometer.

Like mask-KN95;Disposiable Civil Mask, Medical Surgical Mask are badly recognized by customers around the world .( Now KN95 stock is tight,if you need pls contact us timely)

In addition,we have protective clothing and disposable gloves, If you are interested, please contact us without anydelay, we can ship shortly.

Let us pray for the best and virus pass soon, the world be back to the right track.


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