Drone Security System-Monitor Your House in Every Angle

Drone Industry has grown considerably in the past two years, at the same time, drone derivatives are constantly emerging, such as mine clearance drones, express delivery drones, etc.. Speaking of their differences, it’s just each have different purposes. Recently Sunflower Labs released a concept of civil drone monitoring system, the purpose is to protect house safety.

This type of security system is combined by drone and sensor light which should be installed on the ground. It can monitor your house in every angle including ground and air. The sensor lights, which are installed on the ground, use solar battery to charge themselves. And through the sensor, the lights can detect if there are any people around.

When someone enter the area, the lights will alarm by voice and light. At the same time the master’s smart phone will get a push message. We can check the APP to see the direction of the man comes from. Then we press the Take a Look button, the drones with camera will fly to the direction to record the intruder’s face and send it to master’s phone.

How do you think of it? Just like the science fiction film right? But, sadly, you have to own a big house first.


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