Parking Lot Management System: from Tradition to Unattended Times.

According to the statistics, currently, most of the parking lot use artificial charges, the labor costs of management member are increasing, and personnel charges operating regulatory difficulties, charge efficiency and vehicle traffic pass efficiency is very low.

Oversea country unattended parking lot is basically use paper tickets and self-service payment machine. on the one hand, the overall cost of supporting equipment is very high, on the other hand, this parking lot equipment configuration is not intelligent and high-end, With unattended automatic license plate recognition and mobile payment development, the problem of parking the car park will be eased.

Through the automatic license plate recognition camera (ANPR ) for the vehicle into and out of the vehicle license plate (Car Number Plate) for accurate identification, whether it is day or night, light or no light environments, security cameras monitor and shoot the picture is very clear, thus avoiding manual intervention; owners through scan code payment and other mobile payment way to complete self-service payment, Thus achieving the parking lot unattended. 

For some large parking lot, a large traffic volume, vehicle entry and exit speed will directly affect the business benefits of the commercial center, so export using a variety of payment methods to pay out for the owners, and more quickly and easily.

Parking unattended intelligent time has come, this is the car park management system to change from the traditional model to the same unattended mode,

The development of science and technology, human consciousness of innovation, to create a more comfortable, intelligent parking environment.


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