The Urban Management Law Enforcement Approach Must Wear Police Body Worn Camera

Recently, the People’s Republic of China Ministry of lodging and Urban construction -  drafted the “urban management law enforcement approach”,  After six months of investigating, it was released formally, and will be implemented on May 1 this year.

The Urban Management Law Enforcement Approach is Definite the Manager Range and Behavior in Executing.

There are 8 chapters and 42 articles, which including six aspects for the range of law enforcing, team of building, enforcement of safeguarding, enforcement of acting, collaborating, law enforcement of supervising and so on.Two of the important focuses are management range and behavior in executing low. Including divide the administrative penalties to urban and rural construction, environmental protection and other six departments and related urban management.

For a long time, the city resident have disputes for the urban management of the law enforcement acting. In this regard, it provides that Urban management law enforcement officers to carry out law enforcement activities, on-site evidence you can search, take pictures, recording, video, etc. At the same time it require urban management law enforcement officers should be certified, use of law enforcement audio and voice recorder, video surveillance and other technologies to cassette the entire process of law enforcement activities. In addition, the parties should be protected the law of the statements, defense, hearings and other rights for litigant.

Law Enforcement Activities in Full Video and Upload.

On the morning of April 1, in the inspection a law enforcement officers found a department store illegal operation. He is Salute, show licenses, pointing out the violation, indicating the legal basis for the store holder. The whole process, law enforcement officers are wearing a police body worn camera recorder.

This is only a microcosm of normative enforcement. According to the requirements, law enforcement officers must use the police body camera video and audio recorder to record and upload in daily law enforcement activities, mediation activities and complaints handling, which of them consistent with the provisions of the “Urban management law enforcement approach”.


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