How to solve the problem of security monitoring dead angle?

On the basis of the widely application of surveillance cameras and the installation of security monitoring equipment, why are there frequent incidents of theft in life.  It was known that it was because the monitoring had a dead angle after the investigation. The thief deliberately avoided the surveillance area and entered the surveillance blind zone for theft. But the Cctv Camera did not monitor the theft. So when people face a variety of complex environments and the monitoring device has a dead angle, is there any way to avoid risks?

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The general security camera type includes a network ip camera and PTZ IP camera. The back end is generally equipped with a HD NVR as a video storage management device, and an analog HD camera has a DVR configured at its back end.
Security camera are typically equipped with fixed lens, varifocal lens, and motorized zoom lens IP camera. At present, the market is mainly divided into bullet  cameras, dome cameras and 360-degree panoramic high-speed cameras. Among them, the bullet camera is more common, suitable for indoor and outdoor video surveillance;  the dome camera is generally used indoors and the volume is small; the 360 degree panoramic security dome camera is generally suitable for large outdoor environments, such as streets, squares and stations. Wall mounting or ceiling mounting is available depending on the installation environment or monitoring requirements.

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Surveillance Camera Installation Method:

1. In the case of strong electromagnetic interference, the surveillance camera installation should be insulated from the ground.

2.Under the condition of meeting the requirements of the monitoring target field of view, the first consideration is the installation location, in order to enable the camera to avoid interference from the surrounding environment, to achieve a better video capture and survival effect. When installing indoors, we should ensure that the height of the equipment is not less than 2.5 meters, and in the outdoor environment, we should also place the monitoring equipment at a height of more than 3 meters from the ground. Make sure the camera is not maliciously damaged.

3. Regarding the installation of the elevator security camera, the first thing to consider is the interference problem, followed by the wiring problem, and the third need to consider the power supply. From our daily experience, the camera in the elevator car should generally be installed diagonally on the upper left or upper right of the elevator car door. The lens is generally fixed lens 2.8mm, and can effectively monitor the facial features of the occupants in the elevator car.

4, surveillance camera and its supporting devices, such as lens, camera shields, brackets, wipers, etc., the installation should be firm, the operation should be flexible, should pay attention to anti-destruction, the camera installation should be coordinated with the surrounding environment.

5. The camera signal cable and power cable should be introduced separately. The exposed part of the cable is protected by a hose and does not affect the rotation of the tripod head.


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