How Video Surveillance Can Secure ATMs Against Physical Attacks

ATM aegis is an important affair addressed by all-embracing organizations such as ATMIA (ATM Industry Association) and EAST (European ATM Aegis Team). Attacks on ATMs can be disconnected to concrete attacks, aggravating to adeptness the banknote stored axial the ATM safe or artifice attempts.

Originally, starting in the 60s, concrete aegis for ATMs was underdeveloped. Attacks anon started, as ATMs are advance about the globe, absolute ample quantities of banknote and sitting abutting to accessible space. There are aswell abounding identical ATM units, which agency that robbers can optimize their modus operandi and appear up with faster and added acknowledged means to rob ATMs.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is acclimated abundantly in ATM vestibules to almanac and ascertain artifice attempts. ATM surveillance accessories such as cameras and recorders needs to accede with specific baby anatomy factors and sometimes acrid ecology conditions.

There are three key requirements from video systems deployed in a cyberbanking environment. The aboriginal is axial abstracts integration, which guarantees that transaction abstracts consistently resides abaft defended firewalls in the accumulated datacenter, in an ambiance adjustable with the coffer abstracts and arrangement operating policies. The added is real-time action bloom management, so that arrangement issues can be notified aural seconds, and this ensures the video is up and active at all times. Finally, centralized administration which enables the administration of bags of recorders from a individual desktop in one location.

However, besides the abstruse challenge, a acknowledged band-aid requires the adeptness to interface with the bank’s transaction database to be able to ascertain artifice and accommodate a absolute aegis solution. Our band-aid assembly affairs in ATMs with the accordant video recording. When a apprehensive transaction is detected by the bank, video augment can be bound queried and accessed to abetment investigation.

An added account of the video arrangement is convalescent the bank’s operational effectiveness. Abstracts such as humans counts, chain breadth counts/times, and abide times from the megapixel arch camera can be congenital into able dashboards, which accommodate allusive acumen on occupancy, acceleration of service, and chump interest.

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