LS VISION 2021 Annual Work Conference


                                        LS VISION 2021 Annual Work Conference

2021 is flying like a rocket, we usher in a brand new 2022. 

Today, LS VISION held its 2021 annual meeting, which not only summarized the work of different departments in 2021, but also made a good overall plan for 2022. 

It not only summarized the company’s existing problems that need to be improved, but also summarized the achievements in 2021. 

First of all, the company’s CEO Jenny made the opening remarks of the meeting, thanking our employees, customers, partners and everyone for their support and help, so that the company has the current popularity and achievements, and our CCTV security monitoring products, solar power cameras, smart home products etc had been loved and recognized by more and more domestic and foreign customers. At the same time, the CEO also made detailed plans for each department, product, and future development of the company. 

Following is the award ceremony of our various departments.

Congratulations to Candy for winning the annual sales champion.

The technical department won the excellent department.

Eric for winning the annual outstanding employee.

Steven for the first place in developing new customers.

Tina for the first place in customer praise.

Jennie Yang for the first place in the independently development of major customers etc. 

After the award ceremony, we started a delicious afternoon tea time and played the idiom game. 

A pleasant and unforgettable day soon ended in laughter and laughter. 

Hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible, and the world will return to its former peaceful and prosperous phenomenon as soon as possible. 

Hope our new and old customers, employees and partners continue to move forward hand in hand. 

Hope LS VISION is committed to creating better products, better service, and a more famous global brand! 

Let’s pursue for a safer and greener world!

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