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LS VISION High-Speed Dome WiFi PTZ Network Camera Evaluation

Most of the modern security surveillance cameras can only monitor fixed images, the scope of monitoring is small, can not monitor too many unexpected target conditions, it is easy to monitor dead ends, play a security role is not great. This requires a powerful PTZ camera – LS VISION high-speed WiFi PTZ dome network camera.

This PTZ camera pan / tilt can zoom in and out in a full range of motion (left / right / up / down) and zoom. In addition to monitoring the scope of the upgrade, it also has a mobile monitoring function, in the camera lens part of the installation of three imported SEL powerful SDM array infrared light source and Finland LEDIL lens to detect the surrounding environment, whether objects move to determine the way video or lens photography direction. Lens movement usually requires a set of additional pre-set control device to drive the load-bearing photographic lens to move to the desired direction and angle of focus and focus, this camera has 128 preset positions, 4 tour routes, tour speed scan Adjustable, you can set the residence time and preset position, so you control more convenient.

PTZ cameras are generally installed outdoors for monitoring a wide range of space, it must have the wind and rain, dust and water and other functions. The camera has a unique line of waterproof design, with a strong waterproof function; the use of silicone gasket and aluminum alloy shell to prevent dust from entering; in the camera inside the semiconductor cooling device loaded, can automatically adjust the temperature, excellent cooling system To ensure that the camera can work steadily. The technology has received national patents.

You can also pay a small fee to enjoy additional powerful features. If you do not have enough storage space, you can add TF card slot, and you can  choose POE function. POE function is used to transfer data to the camera signal at the same time, but also for the equipment to provide DC power supply technology. POE technology can ensure the existing structured cabling security while ensuring the normal operation of existing networks, minimize costs.

LS VISION WiFi PTZ high-speed ball network camera has a strong function and high-quality appearance, I believe there will be good prospects and broad market.


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