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LS VISION Home Party Birthday Celebration in July

             LS VISION Home Party Birthday Celebration in July 

On 15th July, We celebrated the birthdays of 3 colleagues and this time we chose to celebrate their birthdays in the form of a home party. 

Home party’s villa is located in Shenzhen Meihua Villa with beautiful environment, the air is particularly fresh and natural. 

The owner had made the villa shiny and romantic and extra clean early in the morning. 

Our teams are divided into decoration team, vegetable washing team, barbecue team, snack team, carbon production team, photo team, etc. 

Everyone divides labor and cooperates together to arrange the ingredients and venues we need in a romantic and sentimental way. 

Eat hot pot


Eat birthday cake

Take pictures with LS VISION 4G/Wifi Solar Cameras

Everyone had an extremely great time. 

Happy birthday to Kyson, Luna and Andy.

Wish LS VISION’s performance is thriving and getting better and better.

Wish the epidemic will end soon.

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