LS VISION Marvelous Series latest MS3 model of low-power dual lens solar camera: a revolutionary approach to sustainable

LS VISION Marvelous Series latest MS3 model of low-power dual lens solar camera: a revolutionary approach to sustainable security solutions

 After LS VISION’s MS1 and MS2 series 4G wifi solar cameras have been selling like hotcakes for more than a year, LS VISION has now launched a brand new, cool and unique MS3 series 16x zoom solar security camera. 

This outdoor cctv solar camera is the first of its kind in the world. It has both good looks and strength, complete functions and stable performance.


In the field of security solutions, innovation continues. Today, we are pleased to introduce to you our latest patented low-power dual lens 4K 8mp battery charged PTZ solar camera. 

Based on cutting-edge technology and sustainability principles, the camera re-imagines traditional security systems to provide energy-saving and efficient solutions for a variety of surveillance needs.


  1. 1. Introduction

The low-power dual lens solar powered PTZ camera represents an important step forward in our commitment to technology and environmental sustainability. 

The camera combines advanced low-power technology with a binocular system and solar power to create a security surveillance camera that is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

It’s full color night vision, no fear of dark. The camera is equipped with white floodlight, which automatically lights up when a person is recognized at night.

Built in large capacity battery, 16x optical zoom, capture everything in details.

IP66 waterproof and dust proof design.

Support pole mounted installation, separated ceiling mounted installation, side mounted installation.

AI humanoid detection, recording and pushing notifications to mobile phones.

PTZ control, two way audio, Micro SD storage, APP cloud storage. 


2. Low power technology


Key to the camera’s functionality is its low-power design. Our engineers skillfully calibrated the system to minimize energy consumption without compromising performance. 

This low-power design ensures the camera operates efficiently, extending battery life and reducing the frequency of charging or battery replacement.


3. Binocular camera system


The binocular camera system is another distinctive feature of our new wireless PTZ solar camera. The system consists of two cameras working simultaneously to capture high-definition images and videos. 

This binocular system enriches the captured visual data, providing a wider field of view and depth perception than a single-camera system. It ensures vigilant surveillance and effective coverage of any particular area.


4. Solar energy


The camera’s most groundbreaking feature is its ability to harness solar energy. The camera is equipped with a robust solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity to power the system during the day. 

In addition, it stores excess power for night and cloudy day operations, ensuring uninterrupted service.


5. Practical applications


Low-power dual lens solar cameras have a wide range of applications. From private residences and corporate complexes to parks, city streets, construction sites, farms, pastures, parking lots and other public places, 

this camera can meet a variety of surveillance needs. Its low power consumption and solar design make it particularly suitable for remote areas where traditional power sources are limited.


Low-power dual lens solar cameras are more than just a security solution. It represents our dedication to technological innovation and environmental sustainability. 

We believe this product will revolutionize the security landscape, providing an effective and environmentally friendly solution to surveillance needs.


As we continue to innovate, we look forward to improving our products and introducing new features to improve their performance and sustainability. 

Our goal is to create safe solutions that not only meet customer needs but also make a positive contribution to the environment.


We invite everyone to experience the advanced and sustainable surveillance solutions provided by LS VISION low-power dual lens solar light cameras. 

We believe its efficiency, effectiveness and environmental awareness will redefine what you expect from security cameras.

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