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Meditation of LS VISION



                                            Meditation of LS VISION

China’s five thousand years of traditional culture is extensive and profound. 

The essence of Confucianism is: Knowing and stopping can lead to steadiness, steadiness can lead to tranquility, tranquility can lead to tranquility, tranquility can lead to thinking, and thinking can lead to attainment.


The essence of Buddhist is: compassion, selflessness, great love, and altruism. 

The essence of Taoism is: Tao follows nature, and there is nothing that cannot be done without doing anything. The highest goodness is like water, water benefits all things without fighting. 

As the founder of LS VISION, Jenny is a lover of Chinese studies, and has persisted in learning and practicing the essence of Chinese studies for many years. In this meditation event, Jenny hopes to pass on the spirit of Chinese culture to every colleague of LS VISION, apply this spirit to our life and work, and use it as the basic logic of the core values of LS VISION.

Sitting in meditation is an important part of the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and it is also a great contribution to world civilization. “Meditation Tea Ceremony” inherits the essence of the ancient and excellent Chinese tea ceremony art. It combines meditation, tea ceremony, poetry, music, health preservation and other forms to present, inherits the essence of the sitting in meditation culture of the Chinese nation, and takes the aesthetic form that is popular with the public as its tradition. 

It flows into the homes of ordinary people and injects new connotations, bringing the harmony and freedom joy of sitting in mediation to modern people, and conveying the positive energy of peace of mind. 

It is not only suitable for cultivating the mind and tranquility, but also has good performance and appreciation, with demure movements, dignified and beautiful. In the process of sitting in mediation and drinking tea, the body and mind will also be relaxed. Even in the face of the bright and colorful world, you must keep yourself sober, stay humble, treat guests with tea, and return to your true nature.

Last Tuesday, Jenny, the boss of LS VISION, led all the colleagues who won the prizes in the PK event in March to have sitting in mediation activity and experience Chinese traditional culture. Before the event started, everyone made a brief self-introduction. During the event, everyone was immersed in a quiet and relaxing environment, and insisted on meditating and drinking tea. Everyone also shared their feelings after the event. Everyone’s feelings are different, some start from nervous to relaxed, some start from relaxed to tense, some have a lot of things in their minds, and some have nothing in their minds. After the event, everyone also enjoyed the super invincible and delicious vegetarian dishes prepared by professional chef.

This is a very precious and unforgettable experience. In the process of self-cultivation, we also have a deeper understanding and review of life, and hope that we can become better and better in our future life.

Today, when we are pursuing a high degree of material concentration, when we blindly look at the high place, it is easy to ignore the beautiful scenery of equal sight. At this time, we need to calm down and throw away all external disturbances, relax and face the essence of life. Some are pure, and only when we stop at perfection can we go further.

Through this meditation, we understand that no matter how we behave or do things, we must first have a heart of love and altruism. We need to be in awe of nature and live in harmony with nature and everyone else. Secondly: We found that we must start from the details in everything we do, and pursue the ultimate product experience and the ultimate customer service experience. Third: We need to help all partners create value and achieve a win-win situation for all parties. And this is exactly the spirit of LS VISION, LS VISION’s core value: Quality, Dedication, Innovation.


LS VISION, for a Better World!

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