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No Internet No Electricity’ s Low Power Camera, Are you attracted?

Traditional wired surveillance has a long history in the security market. Although it brings the safe for people, we can clearly see their drawbacks.


Disadvantages of traditional wired cameras: many wiring, time-consuming, inconvenient to change the location, professional installation and debugging are required, high cost. Especially in some remote places, wiring installation is difficult, and the area cannot be set up and used without internet or electricity, and traditional monitoring industry also requires real-time monitoring by security personnel. The advent of low-power solar cameras directly breaks away from the shackles of network cables and wires. In the context of the continuous development of the smart security industry, this product completely avoids the drawbacks of the traditional surveillance, and is very suitable for long-term deployment and use, especially for some scenarios without internet or electricity, such as rural areas, construction sites, farms, etc., 

4G solar panel camera is undoubtedly more applicable.In the future, with the continuous improvement and development of wireless transmission technology, the coverage of wireless networks will be wider. Coupled with the superior comprehensive cost of wireless monitoring, the advantages of low-power security product technology and applications will be used in the field of civil security.Extensive used around the world. LS VISION smart solar cameras also have microwave induction detection technology, two-way voice intercom, ultra-low power consumption, long battery life, 24 hours + low power dual working mode, IP66 waterproof and dust proof, 4G high-speed network transmission, etc. 


Most cameras on the market now work 24 hours a day, but for some places,many periods of time, the surveillance site is static and non-moving,this actually causes resources waste ring.The low power consumption mode can make the device stay in a dormant state when there is no object activity, and maintain the normal WIFI communication and object detection of the device with only a very low power consumption current. It also has self-developed microwave induction technology. Microwave sensor is an active trigger detection recording, within6 seconds quickly start recording, and the detection distance is long, the range is wide, and the response is sensitive. Not affected by the use environment’s high temperature and reflection.


Appearance design: simple white appearance, the size is similar to a conventional camera, and it is used with solar panels and batteries. The protection level reaches IP66, and it has the ability of three defenses, which can adapt to the harsh environment well and is very suitable for outdoor use.

Power consumption design: The biggest highlight of the camera is its power supply mode. The power supply method of solar energy and battery can effectively solve the monitoring needs of difficult wiring, power supply, and networking in remote areas. With the exclusive research and development of charge and discharge management technology, the battery is protected under low voltage to ensure that the camera can be normal after the next charge. Automatically turn it on; and when the battery is exhausted, it only needs to be exposed to the sun for 2 hours for charging can coming back to work. Also there is no need to take it off and use the power cord for emergency charging. It is a true low-power camera with uninterrupted power.


Software design: The installation and configuration of the camera is also very simple and quick. After downloading the APP, add the device, fill in the wireless network  (SIM card connection can be added directly), open and use, the steps are simple, and every one can quickly get it . The user can remotely view the video at any time through the APP, and also realizes the two-way voice intercom function. Inductive night light mode, the white light is automatically turned on after detecting a moving object at night, plus the infrared full-color night vision mode, the night vision is clearer and fully meets daily needs.


With the development of the “intelligent age”, low-power series are gradually replacing traditional surveillance . The wireless era has arrived. For remote monitoring without internet or electricity, 4G low-power solar cameras are used, which is smart and energy-saving, and has a longer battery life. Facing such a camera with a 365-day battery life, are you excited?

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